Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thermal Fax Paper Examples

As promised, here are a few examples of the thermal fax/stamping technique papers in action!

Another IDEA to use with the Fax Paper!!!

Oh I happened to think of something this afternoon while I was working on these cards and things...ya know if you have a photograph type stamp (any stamp will work but the photo types would be awesome) you could stamp with the clear embossing ink and make your very own negative! After it's heated the image/background colors will be the reverse of a black and white cool is that!!! I didn't have time to give it a try tonite but I think it would be awesome on lots of different applications.

Just another fun technique to try!

Live, Love, Laugh

(stamped using clear embossing ink)

Thermal Fax Paper Examples002

The Face...

(paper heated lightly)

Thermal Fax Paper Examples004


(stamped & embossed)

Thermal Fax Paper Examples005


(background ~ crumbled, inked & heated, rose ~ stamped & embossed)

Thermal Fax Paper Examples006

Well what do you think???

Pretty awesome huh?

As promised, I have some paper to share so at random I'll choose 5 people to receive 5 sheets of this way cool fax paper so you can try your hand at it as well.

You can comment on this or any of the other 2 posts related to this (Mystery Technique #2 or Mystery Technique #2 Revealed) or on this post and you'll be entered to win!

You have until 6-24 to post :)

Good Luck Everyone!!

BTW, someone reminded me I forgot to draw a winner for the Parched Pigments give-a-way!!!

Sorry about that! I will do that tomorrow and add it to the card examples from last week's card sketch. And if you make a card, scrapbook layout, atc or anything else using the sketch, be sure and send me a link to the card or send me a good scan of it and I'll add it to my post tomorrow!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!!


  1. your examples are all wonderful!!! thanks again for sharing your technique! i can't wait to give it a try!!

  2. They are just gorgeous!!! I've been meaning to try soot stamping, but this has a similar feel with more color versatility and less steps. Thanks so much!!! Now I just need to win some paper and try it out :0 Or just go buy some...whatever, lol!!!

  3. so pretty Roni! as usual...awesome...I hoped my inlaws had some of that paper left..but NOPE! so sure, I'd like to try this too so enter me...ty again Cher

  4. Stunning acards, Roni. Another antastic technique with dramatic effects. x

  5. I had to take deep breaths when I saw what you did with this wonderful invention - the cards are absolutely breath taking!


  6. This is definitely a wonderful technique! I love all your cards with a preference for the "Rose", though.
    I'll sure have a try very soon.

  7. The fax paper technique is so cool! I've got to get to the office store to see if they have some!

  8. This is really cool. I'd love to win and give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Is it just me or are you guys kinda scared to see what ELSE Roni has hiding in the deep, dark recesses of her closets?

    gaaaah! LOL (I crack myself up!) *wink*

    Fab examples as always, Roni. Fun!

  10. Hey, Roni i had subscribed to your blog along with a few others and just visited and left no comments although i thought you are so talented and generous. well, my computer crashed and burned and I had to get another one, subscribe to the blogs (that I remember!) all over again. well i want you to know, girlfriend, that i won't be taking anyones generosity for granted anymore. i'm leaving comments to let you know i truly appreciate you. your techniques are always great. i think the last one is off the chain! keep up the good work and Thank You So Much.
    Reba in IL

  11. Loving these examples that you show!

  12. These examples you made look great... I would love to try Fax paper if I'm lucky enough to win some. Phinny is right~ what will you bring out next from the dark recesses of your closet?
    How is the new Studio room going, with ALL the other things you juggle in your busy life?


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