Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mystery Technique #2 Revealed!!

Oh this was so much fun, I had lots of people post or e-mail their guesses and I have finally stumped you. It was a bit sneaky in a way but the top 2 guesses were Bleach Stamping or Soot Stamping (or some form there of) BUT neither was correct!

This is what I like to call....

Thermal Fax Paper Magic!

Thermal Fax Paper Magic001

YES, it's all achieved by heating the paper!

I was cleaning and putting stuff in our supply file cabinet drawer when I noticed I still had a partial roll of thermal fax paper from our old fax machine ~ B*I*N*G*O!!!! I instantly had to sit down and start playing. I thought to myself ~ ya know, if you can add heat to print words then you can add heat (via a heat tool) and it *should* work for craftiness...

I was right ~ it does work!!!!

Everything is done with a few simple ingredients...some sort of ink (clear embossing or light colors work best), stamps, heat gun and of course the thermal paper!

If you don't have an old roll laying around it is very cheap ~ you can find it at any office store for just a couple dollars a roll. I'm not sure but there is usually 100+ feet on each roll so enough to last you a LONG time :) If you frequent Goodwill or other second hand/discount stores you can usually find a roll or two there as well. I always passed it by...till now ;) LOL!!

To just get some cool color, simply place the thermal fax paper on your work surface and add very little heat.

Thermal Fax Paper Magic002

Trust me on this ~ it doesn't take much heat to activate it. Just a bit will do the trick for a cool looking background paper....Remember to keep the heat gun 6"+ from the paper and never stop moving.

Thermal Fax Paper Magic003

The technique that most everyone commented on was the crackle image. For this you crumble the paper...

Thermal Fax Paper Magic004

Smooth it out and add your ink to the high spots...

Thermal Fax Paper Magic005

and heat...

Thermal Fax Paper Magic006

by varying the color and amount of time you heat the paper you'll get a variety of great looking results!

mystery technique 2005

The next technique is stamping with clear embossing ink ~ simply stamp

Thermal Fax Paper Magic007

and heat....

Thermal Fax Paper Magic008

for awesome snow white results...

Thermal Fax Paper Magic009

If you prefer, you can add a bit of embossing powder...

Thermal Fax Paper Magic010

for a sooty, shimmery image!

Thermal Fax Paper Magic011

You could also stamp with plain old dye inks....

Thermal Fax Paper Magic012

for another take on it...

Thermal Fax Paper Magic013

NOW, the coolest thing is if you heat the paper by accident (ahem, don't ask how I know - lol) before you have a chance to stamp on it,

Thermal Fax Paper Magic014

it still works ~ now your finished image won't be as white as the image you stamp before heating but it is a nice tranquil dove grey image after you heat it a second time.

Thermal Fax Paper Magic016

This also works with dye inks! Again, a darker image than a stamp first image but still pretty cool.

Thermal Fax Paper Magic017

So, there you have Mystery Technique #2...

Tomorrow I'll be back with a few examples putting Thermal Fax Paper Magic to use as well as some paper to give away so you can try it too!


  1. you always have the most clever ideas and so great that you're tutorials are so easy to follow. thanks so much!

  2. I would never ever have got that one. Thanks for sharing your unbelievable techniques. You are just oozing talent and clever ideas.
    Caryl K

  3. This is awesome! I love the way that stuff works...now I need to find a roll! Thanks for experimenting and sharing.

  4. Roni you are the McGyver of the art world. Amazing!

  5. Wow, a much more clever idea then two people on the phone saying, "okay, 1.2..3...put your hand set in the cradle" and wahlah...the little burnie thing starts going back and forth on the thermal paper burning in the image being transfered.
    Man, have we come a long way in 20 years!
    thanks for the cool images,

  6. Wow!! I am amazed. I have several rolls of that stuff. Great for cards!! I am so going to play with it tomorrow night!!! Thanks!

  7. Wow!!! That is great. I cannot wait to hear about the thermal paper!!! I do not know what your policy is, but you have an award at www.theplayoflightandshadow.blogspot.com. Cheers!

  8. I always feel so stupid when u explain how ez this crafting stuff is! ty for enlightening me once again! I simply cannot wait to get your book! Cher

  9. Roni, you are the Mistress of the Recycling - you come up with the most amazing ideas! Love your blog <3


  10. This is very clever! And so easy and quick. Thank you.

  11. omg- that is awesome! i would never have thought of that! totally cool- very clever actually! thanks for the great instruction/ explanation- i can't wait to get some thermal fax paper!!!

  12. Wow! That is so cool! I must admit though, I've never heard of thermal fax paper before... :S

  13. Very cool! This paper is used to print out your credit card receipts. My brother used to travel a lot and told me that he would take a lighter and go over the credit card number to get rid of it and then throw away the receipt. I do it all the time now!


  14. Wow that is just awesome Roni! Gonna have to try that credit card slip tip too1 Awesome Awesome Awesome!

  15. Ack! Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! That is SO CHEATING to use something from the '80s. Foul! I cry foul! You could have offered us a million dollars and we never, ever, ever would have thought of that. Sheesh! *hands on hips*

    (... but it is kinda cool and you are def McGiver of the craft world! lol)

  16. Ha ha ha!!! Oh my, that was too much fun, I knew nobody would ever guess that!

    I'm so glad you all like it ~ it is way fun, way easy and I love using up old, unused supplies.

    :P Phinny!!! LOL ~ told you you'd never guess it!

  17. This is such a cool technique!!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I can't say it will be recycling, because I don't have any a home, but I plan to remedy that quick! I love your blogspot! It's my favorite! And I can't wait for your book to come out! I finally got one ordered (and signed!). Kristy (I loved the McGyver comment. Used to watch it growing up. It was a family favorite!)


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