Monday, June 22, 2009

Ink Stained Sketch 20090619 Examples

Hi Friends...

I hope you had a wonderfully inky weekend! Garage sale ended up being a bust mostly due to the weather but had a good time hanging out with Mom so it wasn't all bad.

I had a few people ask about the postcards...what to do with them once they had them saved. Well, a bit later this week (tomorrow if I get on the ball) I will be sharing a few examples of some things you can do with postcards or collage images in general. So if you love the images but are stumped with what to do with them be sure and tune in!

I wanted to let a few people know that their goodies are finally in the mail. I've been swamped lately trying to get everything done that needs to be and mailing kept falling to the bottom of the list. Anyway, Jamie, Liz ~your bracelets are on their way; Jeanie & Tammy ~ same for the should have it soon and finally Val ~ Your acrylic pieces & collage images are in the mail! Except for a few goodies that I don't have addies for everything should be taken care of. It's nice to not have that weighing on my mind.

The room update...well, it's still in limbo. Took off basically most of last week for Garage Sale 2.0. I could have started taping off wood work today BUT, my son has already semi trashed his room again ~ he is SUCH a slob!!!! He has to pick up his clothes before I can move his bed, dresser, desk, etc to the center of the room before I can start. I asked him nicely twice to pick it all up this weekend w/o success (how do you get an almost 21yr old male of the species to actually do what you ask????) so I have decided that if it's not done tonite I am going to take the whole pile and put them in his cloths "shed". He'll have to run around naked until he actually does his laundry...not my problem ;) I know, I'm a mean mom...

So tomorrow one way or the other I'm taping off then painting on the primer/sealer. I'm hoping to go get the paint & extra tiles on Wed if all goes well!

Enough of that who ha...

Today I have a few card examples made with last weeks Ink Stained Sketch 20090619 to share with you! I really had fun making these anyway, here you go ~

Sew Happy

This card was a challenge for me...not because of any technique or stamping or anything. It was hard because I actually left some "white space"!!! I can't tell you how difficult that is for me. It almost pains me to leave an area of a card, scrapbook lay-out, etc. with an empty space. I have a terrible urge to fill it up with SOMETHING... LOL!!! Anyway, I really liked the pattern paper in the lower right so I purposely left it blank.

card sketch 20090619 examples004

U R Beautiful

Ahhh, look at all that bling ;) LOL!! Gotta love them Stickles!

card sketch 20090619 examples006

Hello Friend

This one flip-flops where the stamped image is but I like it. I think it works well with the rest of the card.

card sketch 20090619 examples002

So there you go...a bit of inspiration to get you in the creative mood. Remember if you end up using the sketch before this Friday, please feel free to send me a photo or link to your card and I'll post it here on Thursday :)

Happy Monday All!!


  1. Great examples Roni. I will email you the link to my cards. I think Im caught up on the sketches now. WOO HOO

  2. Really liked the cards. As to washing his own clothes, if he can find the refrigerator and feed himself, he's old enough to take care of his clothes! My daughter was washing drying and ironing her clothes at 14 because I got tired of 3-4 outfit changes a day!! That will fill a laundry basket. Anyway, someday he'll probably get married, and his wife will love you if he has already learned this lesson. WRE

  3. Amen, WRE! I was going to say you are a heck of a lot nicer than I would ever be. I would have dumped son's clothes on the lawn last night! LOL

    And love this - garage sale 2.0
    Gaaah! LOL Good one!

    OK I have my sketch card ready to go (EARLY even! Yay!). Here is a link to the blog post:

    I really had a hard time at the beginning figuring out how to use the quadrants, but with the extra effort, I got a card I think I really like. I didn't differentiate the sections like you did, Roni, so mine is a bit more fluid... but I still think it matches the sketch fairly well. What do you guys think?

    And S-Lynn - how did you find the sketch? Did it come right away or did you have to work at it like I did?

    LOVE your examples, Roni. The first one is my fav. Really nice and I totally agree about the white space - it really makes the card work. Well done!

  4. wonderful them! the sewing card is the coolest- i love to sew on cards!

  5. The seaw Happy card is my favoutite. I'd love to know where the stamp is from. I also like the way you worked with the stickles on the other card. The result is great.

  6. Hi! I've been bouncing around your blog looking at all the eye candy. Wow, are you talented! (But you probably already knew that... :)

  7. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Especially the UR Beautiful - what great bling - love the sparklies! :-) I am glad you and your mom had quality time at the garage sale, though too bad more cashola didn't go into the room re-do coffers! ((((HUGS)))) and love! ~ Molly


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