Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paint Color?!?!?

Hey All ~

As you know I'm going to be switching rooms with my son soon and I need to decide on paint colors. I had to go get some primer because the room is currently John Deere Green & Yellow (I'll get Before pics to share soon). I went to get some primer to cover the existing paint and was looking at paint colors. It is mind boggling all the choices out there...these are what I thought looked nice when we were looking at colors. I may end up going with white if I can't decide. Boring I know but I just can't make up my mind.

paint chips 001

What do you think? Anything strike your fancy? I welcome your advice or if you think of something better I'd love to hear (see) it.


  1. I'm not much help...I've lived in my house for 5 years now, and so far I've only managed to paint one room! I like too many colors to pick just one! ~Lori

  2. Trine from NorwayJune 15, 2009 at 2:54 AM

    I love all colors with a touch of blue in. It calm me down and give a endless possibillities to match with another colors.
    Light blue and white lace-curtain in the window.....

  3. I'm partial to the Aqua Ice. I painted my space 18% gray because I also use it for photography and can't have the walls reflecting a color. Pics are here:

  4. Sorry...I left the wrong link. The pictures of my new studio are here:

  5. Lemon basil or winter forest or both of them! I just painted too and the color choice is so hard. but then it's only paint! have fun.

  6. I don't think you could go wrong with any of the colors you picked. I liked the lemon basil the best. But what can I say I still living with paints chips taped to my walls after 4 years. I think I have picked out "waves of grain" for my main living area. But that could change tomorrow.

  7. I like the Shea butter if you keep the ceiling white and the trim white. This way it's pretty neutral still but without going with the white. I would keep all the door and windows border white so this color will pop more... But it's only my opinion :)

  8. I like the pale blue or white-especially if your art is all around.

  9. Lori ~ ROFLOL!!! You sound like me ~ I didn't paint for ages either!

    Smullis ~ WOW, that's awesome!!! The room is very cool looking and love the paint too. I dont' want much reflection either so I tried to stick with somewhat neutral colors.

    Diane ~ ROFLOL @ the paint chips!!!! We've had a splotch of red (REALLY red) paint behind our couch for about a year...I'm not brave enough to paint the room that color dispite my dh's urging.

    My trim wood work is oak & dh won't let me paint it so I'm stuck with that but I am going to have some distressed white pieces, blonde table & faux oak table.

  10. O. M. G. Smullis - your studio is amazing! Wow - looks like there might be room for me in there, too. What d'ya say? Can I come and live with you? LOL

    Roni - I agree that you can't go wrong with your color choices. For you, I think a pale or neutral blue would be perfect. I am a yellow, gal, myself, but I think blue will go better with all project colors you can come up with. Another one I love is a nice, rich taupe. It's warm yet neutral. I did my living room in it at my last house and it was gorgeous. But not to confuse the issue, I vote a nice pale blue for your studio.

    (AND OMG the JD colors are... are... (how can I say this nicely??)... um... OMG - let's just say I don't know how you can even stand to be IN the room working now. I vote for a blow torch! LOL)

    And now that you have scads of paint chips, I am expecting some fun projects with them, k? *wink*

    Can't wait to see your studio come to life.

  11. Hey, nothing wrong with a white wall! At least you wouldn't be distracted by other colors as you work on projects! Put enough stuff up on the walls and you wouldn't even notice. I have a tendency to do neutral walls and put the color into the accessories! I'd keep the cabinets by the way...I am envious of anyone who has wall storage! LOL!

  12. I'd say go with white and then cover the crap out of the room with your cool stuff..and magnet boards, tack boards etc..I liked the rafia basket color too...


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