Monday, June 15, 2009

Mystery Technique #2

Since it was so much fun the last time (and I ran out of time today ~ I was pulling weeds ~ ick!!) I thought it would be fun to have another mystery technique.

Since several of you guessed the last one I thought I'd make it a bit more difficult!

Let's see if you can guess how I did these....

mystery technique 2004

mystery technique 2007

mystery technique 2005

Tee hee hee...

told you this one was going to be a bit tougher!!

Any guesses???


  1. Well, OK, but these are total guesses.

    The first pic looks like some sort of bleach technique. I thought I knew what it was when I saw the second pic, but the first and third do not look like it. The second pic looks like paint with EP over top. And the third pic looks like i-don't-know-what. LOL

    I will think about it some more and post again if I get any bright ideas.

  2. Wax paper resist - the third pic, I mean.

    But obviously I am totally wrong b/c I came up with three diff techniques.

    Sheesh - I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. Thanks a lot!


  3. i was going to say a bleach technique too, but, i am not too sure- maybe embossing on velvety paper?! the last one looks like something with wax paper? i can't wait to see what the answer(s)....

  4. The last project looks positively radioactive!! Are these all the same technique???!

  5. Okay, in looking at them again, I'm going to guess it's a bleach technique!???

  6. looks like bleaching to me too. The second one looks like you stamped ink over the bleaching.

  7. I had no idea at all... The 3rd pic do looks like wax paper with paint???

  8. It's 3:11am and guess what - I CAN'T SLEEP! (LOL - ok, ok... so it's not really your fault, but I had to laugh at the irony of me saying that earlier!)

  9. 3 different techniques? I agree bleach for the 1st? Embossing for the second and some alien technique for the 3rd?

  10. I too think it is bleach.

  11. I also think it is bleach. Sorry my first post came up as anonymous. Guess I should start that blog I keep thinking about.

  12. the third pic is so great! I can't wait to know and try this technique.


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