Monday, February 23, 2009

Fabric Heart Pocket

Hey Everyone!

It's so good to hear what you want to see. I'm making a list and will get to work on them for you. Very soon you should all be seeing some of these techniques that you requested.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I tried to squeeze too many techniques/projects into the book so today I have one of the extras that didn't fit. It's a fun and easy project which incorporates fabric by way of Streuter's GlueFilm.

fabric heart001

NOTE: The GlueFilm may darken the material. If you're using a light colored fabric you may want to use fusible web or a spray adhesive to attach it to the chipboard.


Thin Chipboard

Vintage Sheet Music


Streuter Clear GlueFilm

Heart Pattern (I free-handed mine but there are loads of patterns on the net)



Vintage Applique or other embellishment

Craft Iron

Ink Blending Tool - Ranger Industries

Distress Ink - Ranger Industries

Needle & Thread (optional)

Paper Piercer (optional)

Crop-A-Dial - WeRMemoryKeepers


1. Cut the following using the heart pattern: 2 hearts from sheet music; 2 hearts from fabric; 2 pieces of thin chipboard; 4 pieces of GlueFilm.

2. Distress edges of sheet music using the Ink Blending Tool and Distress Ink.

3. Layer the following in this order:

Front half of the pocket - fabric face down, GlueFilm, thin chipboard, GlueFilm, sheet music - face up. Iron this stack of materials to melt the GlueFilm and adhere all of the layers together.

Now repeat the same steps for the back half of the pocket.

4. (optional) If desired, poke holes around the outside edge of the heart which will become the front half of the pocket. Sew a blanket stitch around the entire heart.

5. Attach applique or other embellishments to the heart that will be the front of the pocket.

6. Punch 2 holes in the heart which will be the back of the pocket. Secure eyelets.

7. Glue the 2 hearts together by applying adhesive or GlueFilm along the bottom of the heart. Don't apply glue further than half way up the sides so the pocket can be opened once finished.

8. After the pocket has dried or been secured with GlueFilm, twist and attach the wire.

This neat little pocket is now ready to be filled with whatever your heart desires.

fabric heart005

fabric heart004

fabric heart002

Well, tomorrow the reporter and a photographer from the local newspaper comes to interview me about the book. I'm very excited but at the same time very VERY nervous! I am SOOOOO - seriously, really I am - LOL!!

Wish me luck - I may need it....I'm already shivering with nerves!


  1. I always knew you had a great heart! *grin* I love this project. What fun! How big is the heart in the pic, may I ask? I image you can make these as big or small as you like, right? Is this meant to be a wall decoration or more like a card? It would make a great hostess or g/f gift, I think.

    Hey - you will do great tomorrow. I promise! Here is what I do when I am nervous about a job interview, giving a speech or similar. I prep the night before so I know I am confident and ready. The morning of the event, I get ready early so I have a little time before the appointment. Then I sit quietly and kinda meditate for a little while. I ask the universe (or spiritual / god, whatever fits with your beliefs) to guide my words and help me do my best. I ask for a positive experience and outcome and then I just go do it! It always, always, always works out great when I do these things. Like I said, this is just what I do and I thought it might help.

    Let us know how it went, k? I am sending you good vibes and support across the miles. Heck, I'll even wear my cheerleading uniform tomorrow. Yay Rah, Ronnie. You GO GIRL!!!

  2. i wish you luck and all the best! i can't wait for the copy of the book!!! stay cool and just let the ideas flow. i believe in your potential and i'm sure everything will turn out magnificent!!!

  3. I love the heart pocket! What a great use for all those fabric scraps in my stash....(which has grown ever since I started cleaning out the basement).

    I'm sure once you start the interview, you'll be just fine. Just remember that their goal is to tell everyone how wonderful you are and how fabulous your new book will be!

  4. Awww, I know you'll do great! You are so easy to talk to and talking about something you are so passionate about and have created will make it even easier! Have fun!!


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