Thursday, February 12, 2009

ATC Holder - Step 2 & 3

I will get to the ATC Holder in a sec...I just wanted to clarify a little something before we continue. Trine posted and a couple people e-mailed me yesterday that Club Scrap had a project similar to this in one of their kits last year. I wanted to be sure and let you all know I did not copy their kit and call it my own. Nobody suggested I had but you never know.

I originally designed this particular envie style holder back in 2005. At that time it wasn't designed for ATC's - it was larger and was meant to hold a years worth of greeting cards (using different envies of course). I played with sizes and in 2006 I designed the ATC size holder for an ATC swap the members of Ranger DTU were hosting.

Whew....I feel better now - you know, the whole Catholic guilt thing gets the better of me even when I'm not doing anything to be guilty over - LOL!!!

Anyway, on with the Holder....

Step 2 - Creating the Envie Pockets

1. Since all of the envies are bone dry from setting overnight you will need to fold each envie in half. Be sure to crease the folded edge with a bone folder.

ATC Holder001

2. Trim all envies to 2 1/2" wide - BE SURE NOT TO CUT OFF THE FOLDED EDGE!!! You want to trim off what was the ends before the envie was folded. I have gotten in a hurry before and just cut that puppy right in two. If you do by chance cut off the wrong sides they are still usable but not nearly as nice as the folded pieces. You'll just have more gluing in the next step.

3. Apply a small line of dry adhesive to the center of the envie.

ATC Holder002

4. Continue to add the rest of the envies adding a small line of adhesive to each as you go. Be sure to apply glue to the centers of each folded section as well.

ATC Holder003

ATC Holder005

You should end up with a stack that looks something like this.....

ATC Holder006

ATC Holder007

That's the end of Step #2!

Step #3 - Cover

Now when I originally created these folders I used stamped & painted tag board or cardstock as the covering for the holder. By using a bit of book binding tape to reinforce the folded areas it held up very well. BUT...I happened to think about Ranger's new Sticky Backed Canvas and thought I'd give it a try today. It worked like a charm!!! It is designed to accept paint very well and since it's already sticky it makes assembly a dream. Very quick and easy and no need to use the book binding tape! I will include how to work with both in case you don't have the Sticky Backed Canvas ava.

1. Paint the canvas as desired using Dimensional Pearls and the IBT with foam. Once dry stamp if desired using Archival Ink.

Cardstock -

ATC Holder009

Canvas - you will notice the canvas tends to curl when you apply the paint. Not to worry, once you remove the backing paper it flattens right out.

ATC Holder010

2. Cut 5 pieces of chipboard in the following sizes:

Flap - 1 1/2" x 4"

Top - 1" x 4"

Back - 3 1/2 x 4"

Bottom - 3/4" x 4"

Front - 3 1/4" x 4"

Cut the cardstock or canvas to 5 1/2" x 11.

3. (cardstock) If you wish to strengthen the joints of your holder with book binding tape, position the chipboard pieces on the cardstock and mark where each fold falls. Remove the chipboard and place a strip of the book binding tape at each fold mark.

4. Adhere the chipboard to the cardstock using dry adhesive or remove the backing paper and carefully place the chipboard pieces in order on the stick back canvas.

ATC Holder013

5. Cut notches at each fold and at the corners.

ATC Holder014

6. (cardstock) Crease along all edges and folds with a bone folder.

(both) Adhere each flap to the chipboard by folding over and securing as shown.

ATC Holder015

7. Cover the inside of the holder with cardstock or the remaining piece of sticky canvas. Crease each fold with the bone folder.

ATC Holder016

8. Adhere the envie pockets to the inside of the holder.

ATC Holder018

9. Decorate the holder as desired.

10. Add closure of your choice. - Ideas might be magnetic closures; Velcro; button & string; snap; etc.

11. ENJOY!!!


So there you have it...a fun ATC envie pocket holder to keep for yourself or give as a gift! Remember you can vary the number of pockets by adding or removing envies.

Tomorrow I will share a few examples of other ATC holders I have made and give you some ideas about how to create larger and smaller holders by varying the envies and chipboard sizes.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!


  1. Let me be the first to say whoohoo!
    hehe and I am a clubscraper. I love the one I made with them and I can't wait to make yours! I have tons of ATC's and they all need a pretty place to call home.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I'm still going through your older stuff, having a great time and learning lots, recently got invited to an ATC club so the first thing I did was to check your site for ideas and yep I was right, there are lots, thanks for sharing all of your fantastic creations.


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