Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Creative License Blog Hop & GiveAway!

I am so excited to share the creation I made using the Creative License kit.  It's a very versatile kit that has a masculine feel to it which is nice when you live with a bunch of guys (Dh & 2 sons).  It's packed with some really graphic grungy prints in some great colors.  

The kit comes with a mini album project using some neat chipboard CD folders which I had planned to make until I came up with another idea....  I was inspired to make a small album specifically for the small square photos like you'd see on instagram or similar photo apps.  This album is small enough it can be carried in your purse or back pocket but holds loads of pics.

Best part is - the base is made from a 8 3/4" x 12" sheet of cardstock and it's quick and easy to make.  Of course I used lots more papers decorating the inside and out but it's not necessary...if you want just a simple quick album this is it.  (Cut instructions at the bottom.)

I left the front license plate blank because I am going to give this album away!  I wanted the recipient to be able to personalize it to their own needs/tastes.

The album is about 3" square and has a tie closure.

Untie the bow and the top flips up...

And then the bottom flips down...

and another flap flips down!
(the ruler is there to hold all the little flaps closed for now)

There are 8 pages that open - 4 to the right and 4 to the left...

Till you finally have the album completely open. There are 24 areas that you could add photos if you'd like. Lots of real estate for all sorts of memories!  I went ahead and decorated them with an assortment of papers and cut-aparts from the kit... and it's so easy to make!

Trim a piece of cardstock to 8 3/4" x 12"

Position the paper in a landscape fashion in your Scor-Pal; 
score the cardstock at the following:

2 1/2"
2 3/4"
6 1/4"
9 1/4"

Rotate the paper so it is portrait oriented in the Scor-Pal; 
score the cardstock 2 3/4" from each edge.

Crease all of the folds.
Trim away the tiny 1/4" strips on the two outside edges as shown.
This will create the pages for each segment of the album.

All that's left to do is to decorate it to your hearts content!
(GiveAway info below)

It's time to hop on over to 

to see what she has dreamed up this month!
Remember, if you get lost along the way you can find the entire list here:

NOW for the give away....

Would you like to win my little Creative License Album???
Simple leave a comment telling us about your most memorable moment in a car....
remember - keep it clean out there - lol!!!

You have until June 6th to share your memory!

I'll share was when Dad was teaching me how to drive.  Dad had me drive over to Eric's (future DH) grandma's house.  First let me say that the car Dad bought me was a boat....well, more like a SHIP - it was a 70's Ford LTD.  It was about 3x long as it was wide.  Anyway, on with the story...  It went fine until we were going to leave...I whipped that puppy around an backed right into Eric's brand new Ford F250!  

OMG - talk about first thought was damn - Dad's going to kill me - then of course instantly my next thought was oh shit! I hit Eric's new baby!!!  I thought for sure he'd get mad ~ but young love - he didn't say a word which was a relief.  It didn't do much damage other than scuff the bumper on the car so it wasn't a big deal other than scaring the crap out of me. Dad on the other hand....he didn't say a word either but trust me - that was NOT a good thing.  Needless to say it was a few days before I was allowed to get behind the wheel again ;)  LOL!!!

So there you have it, Eric still reminds me of it every so often....and it's been over 30 years.  I'm pretty sure I'm never going to live that one down.

You've heard my most memorable (and embarrassing) moment in a car - now it's your turn!  Come've got one too...let's hear it!


  1. This is a really neat album, and good detailed instructions!

  2. Hi Roni, absolutely love this idea and would be perfect
    to make for my son and put some of his baby pictures in
    for his 25th :-) Only one problem ,I'm hopeless in making
    projects in inches. Any chance you could make one up in Centimetres ?

  3. Great project and easy to adapt to other sizes. TFS.

  4. Great project and easy to adapt to other sizes. TFS.

  5. I don't have a specific one special car memory more like a favorite car ride destination. My family owns a cottage out on a tiny spit of land called Gurnet Point in Plymouth, MA. We would drive to my grandparents home to hop in their 4x4 wheel drive vehicle (the only way out was over the soft sandy beach and we didn't own a 4x4) and go out for an overnight at the cottage. No electricity, rough plumbing, and a totally fun roughing it experience. The best part of the ride was going over the "dipsy doodles" (ruts in the deep sand) over the front beach. So much fun!!

    Roni, love this album with all the fold outs, really fun for this kit!! You rock!

  6. Your booklet is absolutely wonderful, Roni!

  7. What a fantastic little book! It's absolutely adorable and perfect for this collection. Thanks for sharing the cutting/scoring instructions, Roni!

  8. Hi Roni! Alway fun to see what you have created on your blog! This kit is so amazing and I love your little album! Have a great day!

  9. OMG I love this album! Love the many folds-great tutorial too. I'll definitely be making one!

  10. Roni, this is so cool!

    I have a few favorite car moments but my favorite is when my father surprised me with a brand new SUV when I was 16. I could not believe my luck as we had never discussed it.
    Oh the good ole days!

  11. Roni! You make the BEST albums! That's a lotta real estate for photos sister!

    Car memory...let's see...I ran over my best friend's leg at the movies right after I got my license, back then you could get your license at 15. I was driving my Dad's Club Wagon van and we had just seen the movie Red Dawn (showing my age!). We took off running across the parking lot and my best friend ran over to see another group of friends while we were piling in the van. We pretended like we were going to leave her and she ran toward the van, slipped on the pavement and her leg was behind the passenger side wheel. I backed right over it! We all started screaming and crying, I was afraid to get out and see what happened. Thank GOD it was only a fractured foot, though she milked that injury for months. I had to carry her books at school until she healed. Believe it or not, we are still good friends 30 years later!

  12. This is totally adorable!! TFS!!

  13. Oh and car thing - probably skidding into another car in front of the MD State Fair right in front of the State Trooper that was managing traffic and helping people cross the street from satellite parking.

  14. Oh and car thing - probably skidding into another car in front of the MD State Fair right in front of the State Trooper that was managing traffic and helping people cross the street from satellite parking.

  15. This is totally adorable!! TFS!!

  16. Oh love your car story as well as the awesome album you've created! Hmmm, I'm still trying to think if I have an entertaining card story!

  17. This mini album is totally sweet! (Time to scrap-lift!)

  18. You are so creative. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing album. It would be perfect to give to my son for his 30th birthday this year. O.K. for a car story. Back in the days when Citizen Band radios was all the rage I drove up in the hills to get a better signal. I didn't realize that I had punctured the oil pan until I got ready to leave and the oil light came on. Alas I could not raise anyone local on the radio to come and get me. Luck was on my side as I was able to coast down the hill home. Also my hands were small enough I was able to get the oil pan off for a friend to repair it for me. Those were the days. Moral of the story don't take a low car into the hills off of maintained roads. ;-)

  19. I love this album! What a great gift for my son to put pics of his dream cars in! My car story is a sad one. I had a great 1973 Omega when I was in college. I decided to get it painted because it had been in a fender bender and a friend told me her boyfriend could make it look new. It took a while, but he did a GREAT job. I had the car back for about 24 hours when I was parked at my boyfriend's house. We were eating supper and heard this noise.... When I went out to go home, someone had hit my car and taken off :(

  20. Great album! And I love your driving story... how memorable! Mine was actually with my Mom. I was just learning to drive and we were down at the local shopping center. She let me drive home. First thing I did was to zip around the corner, running a red light! I thought as long as the coast was clear and no one was coming, you didn't have to stop first while making the turn! Oooops! Luckily, no cop was there to catch me, and I obviously was told the rule!

  21. What a sweet, masculine album! You are the queen of folding!

  22. Favorite memories are on our road trips across the US in our very comfortable trip car -- Chrysler 300C

  23. Cute album! Great for pics of a summer getaway. I remember shortly after learning to drive (my first car was a stick shift/manual), I was driving home from church and my dad said my brother could come with me. It wasn't far away, only a couple of miles, and a pretty straight shot. But I lived in Michigan, and it was winter. I remember getting to a busy intersection and losing control, doing several donut spins before getting control of the car and driving the rest of the way very slowly. My brother was in between shock and exhilaration, but promised never to tell my dad I had lost control of the car... luckily, most folks were either still in church or still in bed...

  24. That's a great album! Love it!
    And thanks for the story! =)
    The Leaf Studio


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