Friday, May 13, 2016

Altered Candy Tins....

Over the past month I've had many people interested in the Altered Candy Tin swap but they either didn't know what they were or didn't think they could come up with any ideas on what to make.  Well,  I realize it's too late for this swap but this week I've been making tins so I thought I'd share what I have created with you for a few ideas.

This tin is the most dimensional one I made...It's got some paper roses and other bits that I cut off an old swag I found at a garage sale.  The rest of the tin is all black and white.  The goodie inside (which will be a surprise follows along in the same color scheme.

This is my ocean themed tin.....
 I made pebble magnets for the little extra inside.

I can't resist G45 papers and this is one of my favorite sets - Rare Oddities!
Lots of fussy cutting in this tin.

This is one of my favorite shaped Altoids Tins...
I turned it into a necklace!
Again, G45 papers - this time The Olde Curiosity Shoppe.

Finally this is my egg tin.  I made a tiny notebook and tucked in a *vintage pencil. The tin has magnetic strips on the back so it can be hung somewhere handy when you might need to write a quick note down.

O.k...I have a confession here...I have a thing for old pencils.  You're gonna think I'm weird but I love to find little cans of them or boxes of them at auctions, flea markets or garage sales.  I don't know what it is but I can't seem to pass these little left over nubs behind.  I have a whole can full of them just waiting to be loved - LOL!!  Told you that you'd think I was weird ;)

So, that's what I've been up to this week...I hope this helps those of you that were considering altering a tin to go ahead and just do it.  You're not out much...only a bit of time, paper and an old candy tin!

Have a great weekend everyone
and don't forget to get inky!!


  1. more wonderful ideas from your creative hands!

  2. Love all of these tins. I just love seeing what you create!

  3. I've been saving tins for years hoping I would be inspired some day. You just did that! Sounds like your pencil collection needs to meet my wooden ruler collection!


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