Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pocket Letter Fun!

I've been on a pocket letter kick and I wanted to share what I've been making...

Black & White

Vintage Fashion

Cityscapes - G45

Worlds Fair - G45

I've made so many that I will be randomly sending out some of the extra PL's to various people in the Spring PL swap!  Just too much fun not to share :)


  1. Roni wow you have been busy like the b&w one so unique
    Hugs Nikki
    I'll send you pictures of mine as soon as I get them from Michele I posted them without taking any lol

  2. These are awesome! I'm loving the crayola box!

  3. I have to agree they are all SUPER!
    I sent my PL to my assigned partner the other day so she should get it very soon. hope she likes it.
    stamping sue


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