Friday, May 20, 2016

Maker'smart by Spellbinders

Have you all heard of Maker'smart by Spellbinders? I recently got an e-mail about it - I think because I subscribe to Spellbinders newsletters.  It's a newish (new to me anyway) shipment club offering either a card kit or a die-cut kit each month.  The die-cut kit is only $12.50 per month so I figured why not give it a try.  In addition to the discounted price on the dies you receive you're supposed to also get codes to give you additional discounts on past kits and a percentage off if you order directly from the Spellbinders site.  (More about these discounts later).

So I just got my first set of dies a few days ago and here it is....

It's a fun little set that makes a "cracker" gift box.
It's got pieces to make the box, 3 labels, a little decorative flourish, a wrap around piece
and a small piece to add fringe to the ends.

and here's what it cut 2 of the body pieces and glue them together.
It's nice because it also creases everywhere that needs to be manipulated when assembled.

And decorated!
I used the oval labels on this side along with 2 of the flourishes.

This side shows the wrap-around piece.
The diamond in the center is actual a scrap from cutting the body.
There were 2 from each piece...too cute to throw away.

And finally the rectangle label on the back.

It's darling as all get out but I'm stuck on what to put in's about 2" long and 1/2" square.  I though chapstick maybe but then not sure beyond that.  Most of the charms I've made have been about 1" wide so those wouldn't fit, beyond that I'm not sure...  I did happen to think that these would make cute little ornaments for Christmas trees...done up in colorful, sparklie papers. Any other suggestions?

Discounts - 

As far as the discounts go - They give you discount codes which change each month.  I signed up on the 13th and in the intro e-mail it says that it will take a few days for your account to show up in their system.  I also got the discount codes.  So I waited a few days and went to place an order...there are so really cool older kits, put in the codes and what do you think happened?  The codes actually expired on the night I signed up?!?!?  Sooooo, I sent an e-mail to them a couple days ago - haven't heard back yet so we'll see what happens.  I didn't try the spellbinders code yet but it says it's good till the 31st.

So there you have it...I'll be sharing more as I get new kits each month.
Can't wait to see what other fun goodies they have in store.


  1. Went over and checked it out will have to take a little more time to really scan the site :) hugs Nikki

    1. awe you can only join if you live in the states well hopefully they will ship to canada one day


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