Sunday, May 22, 2016

Altered Candy Tins & Give Away!


I rec'd the final package yesterday - today I sorted, swapped, repackaged and posted everything!  Your packages will be in the mail first thing tomorrow....o.k...whenever the mail person shows up.  But they should all be winging their way to you tomorrow afternoon!

I can't wait till they start arriving - lots of fun, unique tins!
I will post photos of all of the tins later on this week.

Now for a little fun!!

What do you think the most popular theme was?

2nd Most popular?

Any guesses????

What state(s) do you think most of the swaps went to???

Anyone is welcome to take a guess...

Later this week when I post photos I'll also draw the name of one lucky winner...
I'll send that winner a finished tin plus a couple unfinished tins so you can alter your own!

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Most popular theme is flowers and the second most popular is Halloween. Also, I think the state with the most swaps was New York. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I guess floral is most popular, with butterflies 2nd! And I'll guess CA as the state with the most swaps!

  3. humm let's say vintage/oddities and 2nd choice shabby chic and IN
    hugs Nikki

  4. Popular theme : steampunk
    2nd most popular : poe
    State : tx

  5. Ocean for the first, Christmas for the second and IN for the state.
    Can't wait to see them all!

  6. I think Vintage for the first & Christmas for the second (thinking ahead) & Florida for the state

  7. most popular theme: flowers/summer second popular theme: tea/coffee
    for the state I would say: Florida or Connecticut (had to pick CT. lol!)
    stamping sue

  8. Most popular: skulls/skeletons. 2nd most popular: steampunk. State with the most: Texas.

  9. I'm a card maker and I have not tried making altered tins yet, but they look amazing! I scrolled back to take a peek. In any event, I can't resist a giveaway.... so, I'll say most popular theme was Alice and second, floral. As for the state, totally guessing with IL.

  10. LOL-- don't enter me for the prize I just want to guess--- most popular theme is vintage/stempunk, 2nd most popular fall, state- IL


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!