Thursday, September 24, 2015

Paint N Sip Creation

Mom is really into the Paint and Sip program in our area, last night Morgan (soon to be DIL) and I went along with her last night and created this....

The instructor called it Three Sisters but I think I'm going to call mine Autumn Meadow.  Hers really didn't have much life in the background (so of course me doing my own thing) I added the wispy vegetation with some of the extra paints we had.   I also went with a more autumn tones while hers were more purple and red.  

The really cool thing was that she had added texture to the canvas ahead of time. Now it's not anything fancy, she just used a roller and a palette knife to apply the medium to the canvas.  

I asked her which medium she used and told me that she took a week long class down in Tenn. and only people who completed the class could purchase the materials.  Hmmm.....that turned me off right there - that's one of my big pet peeves with certain artists.  I don't like it when people act like it's a big secret and won't answer questions about or share information about art.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, that's why I started this blog - to share information about art.

Soooo, anyway, it just looked like a thick body gesso or modeling paste to me which when I mentioned Golden modeling paste she said I could use it instead of her secret medium (amazing since I've already done that).  

Here's Morgan and her painting...

Mom and hers...

And here we all are :)
We all had lots of fun.  

It made Morgan want to go home and dig out her paints and jump in!  Mom of course paints often and is very prolific.  I need to get some nice acrylics and start painting again.  I haven't in ages ~ I forget how much fun it is until I do it again.  

Question of the day....

Do you paint?  
If so how often and what do you paint?


  1. I call it smearing paint...will put some on ATCs, mixed media canvas, assorted craft projects, and leftover dabs (whatever I don't get on me) I smear onto one of my art journal pages. P.S. Thanks for not keeping your techniques a big secret.

  2. What a lovely painting. Last week I went to a paint nite party group and we painted the Toronto Skyline at night. It was beautiful. Had a lot of fun. Yes, I agree with you in that keeping things secret is ridiculous.

  3. Roni, she probably couldn't tell you about what created the texture on the canvas because they were probably purchased with the texture already on from the company that creates the class schedule along with the painting formats

  4. Roni- i am with you about the artists and their "secrets" I do hope she has read your blog and maybe will "get it" someday! The Masters never hid their art from their students- the students were encouraged to copy ! Well, good on you and I am happy that you have shared for as long as you have-thank you!
    To your question, it has been too many months since I actually have painted and I need to again! Thank you for the inspiration and the gentle push! heehee
    As for your paintings-WOW! All three are gorgeous and have their own individuality to them! Even though I love the purples- I do love the fall bouquet! Thanks so much for sharing this post ! ")

  5. I hate it when I ask a question and the artist says it is a secret. I appreciate you sharing and I try to share things I learn as I play. There is a ton of different mediums out there for texturing. I know I've gotten interesting texture using a thick gesso and a foam roller brush. Well the only painting I do is making backgrounds for my cards. I did do a good Jackson Pollock imitation using String Gel with acrylic paint mixed in it.

  6. Beautiful canvases Roni - the three of you have that 'touch' to create awesome art.
    I hate that sort of stuck up snobby attitude.
    I loved art at school and wanted to continue and include it when I took my class options.

    The teachers persuaded my family that I would be better off doing a science and I was forced to drop art. I never got a good science grade either it blooming bores me!
    I'm an artsy craftsy person and never expected to be or wanted to be a fine artist. I do resent those teachers though for taking away the one thing that I always loved and artists that are 'that' way with their secret mixes well that totally turns me off to them and their products. It's amazing what texture a tub of gesso mixed with baby powder can create lol! Karen x


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