Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 Mixed Media Technique Calendar - November

Today we're going to work on November's page in the 2015 Mixed Media Technique Calendar.

This technique adds some fun hidden dimension to any mixed media project and the best part it uses trash to do so!!  The following 2 photos show some of the texture not captured in the first photo.

As you can see there is a hidden leaf pattern which I'll show you how to achieve right now!

Now I mentioned that I used garbage to create the hidden texture on the calendar page.  No, I didn't go dumpster diving but I did save some paper headed for the trash bin.  Earlier this month I needed several small leaves for a project I was working on (which you'll see sometime next month).

 And I had all of these strips of paper left over.  I hate throwing this stuff away but I normally do because what are you gonna do with it right?  Well, I trimmed as close as possible to the edge of each strip of cardstock. 

And I glued it down to my Gothic Arch!

I varied the pattern up a bit, flipped some over so the leaves were going in different directions.  Once it had dried I trimmed off the excess from the edges and glued down any little bits that weren't adhered the first time.

Next, a coat of gesso or white acrylic paint just to tone the cardstock down a bit.

To add some color I squirted on a few colors of StazOn Studio Glaze.  It adds dimension, a bit of shine and color all at the same time.

If you don't have Studio Glaze you can use a bit of watered down acrylic paint or watercolor paints for this step.

Next, a bit of stamping...text

Dots (in bronze Delicata ink)

A little inking around the edges and here and there to highlight the leaves.

Next I stamped a fun Stamptangle Pumpkin onto several colors of orange cardstock, cut & pop-dotted it together; used a few of the extra leaves I had left over and added the calendar.  And there you have it!  A fun way to add hidden texture and dimension to virtually any project! Hope you give it a try.


  1. I absolutely love your art ideas, you are very inspirational to me as a novice and new person to the inky world. Thanks heaps.

  2. Super idée, j'ai aussi du mal à jeter le reste de mes découpes et je vais oser m'en servir ! je ne recevais plus votre Newsletter et vous me manquiez ! je me suis réabonnée immédiatement. Mervi pour tout ce que vous testez pour nous. Nicky


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