Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Club Scrap Blog Hop - London Calling!

Welcome to my creation for the Club Scrap - London Calling Blog Hop!  You may have arrived by way of Janet's blog - Dishing with Janet.  If not be sure to check it and all of the other artists participating in the hop.

I have to say I'm in love with all things British.  It started with my instant love of Downton Abbey five years ago when it first premiered.  If you've never seen it you MUST - it's wonderful. It's a super story line that follows a British family and their servants from the early 1900's forward.  I've been a faithful viewer ever since.   So, when I found out the theme for this months kit I was thrilled!

0215_blog hop photo 0215_blog hop_zpsrabbbjdv.jpg 

The color palette for this kit is lovely, soft and muted like bringing to mind a forgotten memory...

My project started off with a piece I've had in my stash for about 2 years now.  I have a thing for clocks and I found this at a garage sale...I didn't know if it worked or not but I figured for 2.00 I'd give it a shot.  It didn't work so it's been waiting for that perfect occasion ever since.  This is it!

So this is what my clock started out looking like....  There were originally "weights" hanging in the bottom section along with a swinging pendulum.  They were all fake, just hanging on a couple little hooks so they were easily removed.  I then popped the clock face out and was left with a shell - perfect for altering.

I started off by painting the inside and back cover with white acrylic paint.  I then covered the raised side rails with the Underground Washi Tape.  (LOVE this stuff!!)

And did the same for the front of the case.

I then cut apart a couple of the prints and inserted them into the long recessed side panels.  I used the large collage stamp from the UM Stamp Collection to stamp two panels.  I was able to cut them to fit so it looked like two different views.  I inserted these in the small upper recessed panels.

I used pieces from the green map pattern paper to make strips covering the remaining exposed areas of the clock.

Next I went to work on the back panel.  I decided to put Big Ben in the upper portion of the clock.  To make it stand out a bit I cut Big Ben from the second piece of cardstock and mounted it with double stick foam tape to pop it off the background.

I used the green print on the bottom portion.  I cut the angel & oval out from the second piece of cardstock and used a triple layer of foam core board to pop it off the background.  I used several layers of foam core board so I could pop the other elements (post card, phone booth and hat) off the background as well giving the all a variety of layers for lots of depth.

I then set about working on the inside.  Most everything was from the kit...the only items I added were a bit of lace, a few flowers and the hands from the clock.

The upper portion of the clock didn't have a platform so I made one from a piece of chipboard.  I then mounted several elements on pieces of chipboard to prop them up for perfect placement.

I added 3 British Flag charms from my own collection to finish it off.

and here's how it turned out....

The green and flag ribbons are from the London Calling Kit, the white ribbon is from a previous kit. 
Both sides of the clock case are a bit different....

The top portion of the clock.... Everything is from the kit except for the white flowers which are prima.

I wanted to show a close picture of the crown... it's actually one of the metal pieces from the Embellishment pack.  I simply bent the two sides around and added a bit of Stickles glitter glue on select areas to make it look like a crown! 

And here is the bottom portion... again, most everything from the kit except the lace, flowers, clock hands and flag charms which are hanging from the hooks that originally held the fake clock weights.

I hope you've enjoyed my contribution for this months hop and that you might have drawn a bit of inspiration for making your own altered piece.

Wait a minute...did you think I forgot our little Gnome friend...nope here you go....

He's quite a character isn't he?

Your next stop on the hop is...

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Have a great day!!
Be sure to stop back on Friday to see my take on the first CS Designer challenge!


  1. This clock project is absolutely AWESOME, Roni! Love looking at all the beautiful details. And a big smile at the end with the card! Perfect. Cheerio!

  2. I love the clock. Who doesn't love the Brits. I'm a Abby fan also. What a grand saying on the gnome card. Always love your stuff,

  3. Inspired and really well done. I too love Downton Abbey and this kit is perfect for all things British.

  4. I literally gasped in awe at your project. I feel like I took the journey with you . . . thanks for taking the photos along the way! And to finish it all off with that adorable card? Fantastic!

  5. RONI!!! Oh my goodness, I am so in love with this project. You hit a grand slam in my book! AWESOME! The details are outstanding and love how you curved the metal embellishment to look like a crown, so cool. And your Gnome card, WOW! Well done.

  6. The clock is great and love it and of course the card too.

  7. LOVE! IT! wow. you never cease to amaze me!

  8. The $2 was well spent! And the patience in waiting for the right moment paid off.
    The gnome card is fantastic! Perfect sentiment for that little guy! Does he live in the clock? I think he might...

  9. OMG, OMG, OMG, Ron!!! I love this project and the card is darling. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I'm not worthy. I am always in awe of your projects. But the gnome. I have a love affair with the gnomes, they always make me happy. I make something with the gnomes every month myself. We need a whole family of gnomes, and why Tricia and the rest of club scrap has not indulged me in this simple pleasure is like totally beyond me. Gnome houses, gnome dogs, cats, mushrooms BUt I Digress. Thanks for sharing your talent is such a complete and thorough manner

  11. Wonderful altered clock, just love every piece of it!

  12. Wonderful alteration and adorable card!

  13. Awesome clock alteration! I love how it turned out. And the gnome card is cute.

  14. Amazing what you did with that old clock! Mr. Gnome is as darling as ever! Have a great day Roni!

  15. I love the gnome on the London card. Everything else is great. too.

  16. Wow, what a great find at a garage sale and you certainly did get things with it, so cool!!! The Gnome card is so adorable too complete with the ribbon flags you added, brilliant!

  17. I am stunned on how beautiful your clock turned out. Very creative!

  18. The clock is very cool (don't you love it when you hoard something and then you actually use it??) But the card is pure awesomeness. That gnome can be kinda cheeky huh?

  19. WOWsers that is one super cool project!!

  20. I absolutely love the altered clock, great job! And what's not to love about that adorable little gnome! :)


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