Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 Mixed Media Technique Calendar - May

Hi Everyone!  I hope your week has been great so far.  Today I have the next page for our Mixed Media Technique Calendar.  This one is a bit different and has such potential.  I originally used this technique on scrapbook pages for photo frames.  Playing with it on mixed media projects opens up a whole new realm though.

I don't know if you recall when everyone was tearing open the center of a photo mat and rolling it back to create a rolled paper frame with a photo nestled inside?  Well this takes that idea a step further by simply rolling papers (all the same or various designs) and framing art work or in this case framing the calendar for May. You could also layer the rolls on your canvas and simply create art over the paper rolls and that leads into a few other ideas but we'll save that for another day ;)

Let's go!

I started off by adding a layer of pattern paper tissue to my Gothic Arch base.  You don't have to use pattern tissue, you could use pattern paper or other types of paper ephemera.

Once it's dry trim off any extra bits.

Add a bit of color - you can use spray dye as I did or you could use watered down acrylic paints, glaze, watercolors, etc.  Whatever you have on hand.

Next add a bit of stamping and or use stencils.  I have done a bit of both.  If desired you could also add bits of ephemera at this time.

Next our paper rolls...simply tear off a bit of paper and roll it up!

The size of your rolls is totally up to you.  If you have a larger canvas - you could make really big paper rolls, smaller canvases - smaller rolls.

Glue them to the arch around the calendar making a frame with the paper rolls.... For some reason the photo showing the rolled frame won't load so, let's imagine 2-3 rolls on each side of the calendar.

Once you are satisfied with your rolled paper frame, add desired color to the rolls.  You could use inks, paints, or any other type of medium you desire.  I used a bit of paint, ink and irRESISTible Texture Sprays dripped on the rolls.  

I then stamped a few Darkroom Door tulips, trimmed and mounted them on the frame as well!  And here's how it turned out! 

NOW it's your turn :)
Have fun!!


DecoArt: Media - Matte Medium; Americana Paint
IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko: Memento Inks; Fireworks! Spray; Radiant Neon Ink; irRESISTible Texture Spray; Memento Dual Tip Markers
Darkroom Door: Tulip Stamps
Just For Fun Rubber Stamps: Line Circles (lg & sm)
Misc: Chipboard; Pattern Tissue; S&H Green Stamps; adhesive; Computer Generated Calendar Aleene's Fast Grab Glue


  1. Cool! I didn't have an art project lined up for tomorrow...perfect timing!

  2. Love this! The rolled frame is so neat, and I love the inking, and the flower, and most of all- the S&H green stamps!


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