Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 Mixed Media Technique Calendar - March

Hello Friends - Time for another installment of our Mixed Media Calendar for 2015!  Before I get to the calendar several people have asked what size my arch is...  I cut mine 5.25" x 6.75".  It's a nice size to get lots of artsy goodness in and still have room for the calendar it's self and a few embellishments as well.

Since we're working on March I decided it would be a nice time to fool around with a faux metal look...

I started off by preparing my chipboard arch...I painted it white but you could paint it any color your like...I did this so my paint layers would show up for the camera.

I then spread a layer of Creative Medium over the arch...

And adhered a piece of wadded up, wrinkled tissue paper.  This is actually some pattern paper tissue but again, use what you have on hand.

Normally I trim off the excess but today I folded it over to the back and secured it there.  You can handle the excess either way.  I just wanted the "look" to wrap around the edges instead of coming to an abrupt halt.  Let the tissue dry completely before moving on.

I am using a variety of Deco Art paints today...first up I squirted a bit of Espresso Metallic paint onto my craft mat with a bit of water.   At the same time I soaked my sponge with water.

I then pounced the watered down metallic paint over the entire surface of the tissue.

Immediately I pounced on a bit of Hauser Light Green paint into the Metallic Espresso blending as I went.

Finally I added just a touch of the Media Patina here and there....

Here's what it looks like at this point....(with and w/o the flash).

Once it's dry the colors are so impressive and the texture is amazing!

I made a few embellishments using IMAGINE Crafts new Metallic Creative Mediums....

And here's how my March Gothic Arch page turned out....

Now it's your turn!
Hope you have fun :)


  1. Crikey Roni - you are quick! I only just got my first February page finished today and will be blogging it tomorrow. Thanks for another super technique lesson! I can't wait to start this new one tomorrow! Thanks for all your help huni Karen xx

  2. I've just blogged my February page Roni - and am looking very much forward to trying this out. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and experience with us K xx

  3. Awesome technique Roni! Love how your page came out, thanks so much for sharing!~kim


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