Thursday, August 25, 2011

Portland Indiana Tractor Show Today

I hope you're having a great week so far!  I went to a tractor show with dh today (Portland, IN).  In addition to having lots of antique tractors, gas engines, lawn & garden tractors and other misc. farm stuff there is also a HUGE flea market/antique stall area.  Well, actually there are 2 areas....the antique/craft stalls are in the main part of show area.  I normally don't spend too much time there because it's usually the high dollar stuff.  The other section is combination flea market and tractor parts area.  THIS is where I find the best buys. 

In the past I have found numerous goodies for myself and others.  One year my Mom was looking for a tinsel know the ones from the 50's that have a colored light wheel that shines on the aluminum tree.  Well, she had the light wheel but needed the actual tree.  They were at that time going for like 75.00-100.00 on e-bay.  I found on for $35.00!!!  She was thrilled and so was I.

Today I found a few goodies I just couldn't pass up.  I got a huge lot (75) of vintage postcards from 1909-1912 today for about $ .50 each....the best part ~ they are all "occasional" cards - Birthday, Best Wishes, Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day!  Most are stamped/dated and all but a couple have writing of some sort.  Either regular messages or simply To/From info.  I will eventually share all of them with you :)

Portland Treasures 001

I also found a HUGE box of vintage keys and pad locks.  I know, some of you might think I'm nuts but I LOVE old keys!  The cool part about this box is that a) there are no car keys; b) all of the keys are I'd say from the mid 40's or earlier and c) (This is the best part) there are TONS of tiny skeleton keys!!!! 

Portland Treasures 007

When I say Tiny I mean like 1" - 1 1/2" or a bit larger.  I'm not sure what they were for exactly but they are darling! 

Portland Treasures 003

There are also lots of neat flat keys that have teeth cut into the two edges. 
Those are also really cool looking.  I'm thinkin since they are so shiny they need a bit of alcohol ink?!?!?

Portland Treasures 005

There are a few keys that have interesting holes -
a couple with hearts, a shamrock look with 3 holes, even a fleur de lis!!! 

Portland Treasures 006

And check out this funky's a little person!!! 
 How cool is that! 
Told you keys are cool - LOL!!

Portland Treasures 004

So, that's what I did today!
I hope you had a super day too :)


  1. Wow! You scooped up some neat finds! Cant wait to see what all you make with them...

  2. Roni -

    You always find the most wonderful things. What a great find. I have never seen flat keys like the ones you have. And I love the little key person. He is so cute!

    Elaine Allen

  3. The tiny keys are for winding clocks. I have two clocks that wind in the front that I have lost the keys to and have been looking for a key to wind them. I've looked everywhere for that type of key and you stumbled onto them at a sale. How lucky for you.

  4. What a great find!!! Love all the keys!

  5. Great finds! I would have had a blast at that show! We have lots of old iron at my house. We have a Porsche Jr too that we actually knew the person who bought it new. Other than ours, I have never seen another (except in photos of course) Love the old tractors!

  6. What an amazing find!

  7. Oh I so envy you the haul of keys, just love me some old or new keys. I'm not that fussy. I never seem to find keys for sale in Australia. I think people throw them out.
    Love the key man and the lovely holes.
    Can't wait to see what you make with them.

  8. Lucky girl!! I swear you find the coolest stuff at these sales. Your DH is so willing to go these things (unlike mine!) and you are able to do some amazing things with them as well!!! Good on ya!

  9. Love the keys; you're right, they are cool!

  10. Those vintage post cards are so cool and as for the keys...I think my safe deposit key to the bank might be mixed in with those!!! LOL!
    That key with the face is hilarious! I can imagine a Halloween project with that one!

  11. Wow! What a great find! All of them! My hubbie collects keys and they are becoming harder and harder to come by in lots like that! Good for you! that little man key is awesome! And the postcards! whoo hoo! can't wait to see your creations!

  12. Oh my goodness. I wish I had thought of this a couple of weeks ago. I've been looking for keys myself for some home decor projects. My mom used to work at Richard's Restaurant a few blocks from that Tractor show. I could have told her to go snatch some up for me. GOOD FIND!


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