Friday, August 19, 2011

Altered Charm Swap Results - Pt III

And today I have the final installment of charms from the most recent charm swap!


Cheryl L. - Her charm is a wonderful piece of shrink plastic that was stamped not only on the front but the back as well!  I believe she added a coat of Glossy Accents to the front and sprinkled a bit of glitter into the wet medium.  Her matching tag was the full size image of her charm!

Charm Swap 044

Cassie L. created this beautiful shabby chic charm that was tucked into this nifty little paper purse.  Love the soft colors, crackle (accents or rock candy), pearls and gems!  Simply lovely!
Charm Swap 045

Neil - created this awesome shrink plastic charm from another TH stamp which he too used to stamp on his tag.  This guys is hanging from a bit of chain and has a super feather woven into the links.  Very cool!!
Charm Swap 049
Karen H. created this awesome tag....I'm not sure if all of her charms were the same or not.  She wrapped each one in pink tissue paper so couldn't see what the others were and I didn't even peek - LOL!! My charm was made using a bamboo tile, a very cool vintage image, wire, beads and a nifty leaf charm!
Charm Swap 055

Theresa P used a couple plastic key tags for her charm!!  She stamped the tags, added some Alcohol Inks, Glossy Accents and a bit of Stickles Glitter Glue (or glitter).  Very cool design and such a fun way to repurpose the tags!!

Charm Swap 056

Carol W. created several different fun charm designs.  This was my favorite...very cool bottle cap that she painted purple then filled with lots of gears, sprockets and watch bits!  She added a fun clock charm and more gears hanging off the bottom.  Lots of fun goodness there!

Charm Swap 057

Helen C. made 4 sets of charms each one unique and beautiful in it's own way!  The "eye" charm has such a funky vibe ~ it instantly reminded me of Halloween!  Her next set had an amazing focal point bead that I have no clue what it was made from....The flowers made me think of fabric but it doesn't feel like fabric.  I'm just totally mystified by it.  Her blue set of charms had a cool iridescent heart and a fun charm pendent filled with micro beads and tiny blue seed beads!  Finally her red set  featured a stunning red focal bead that looks like it's on fire and finished off with three antiqued charms!  All in all beautiful amazing sets!
Charm Swap 058

Jo (a.k.a.jozarty) create this amazing charm from a recycled Christmas star!!!  I never would have guessed it.  I thought it was friendly plastic or some other exotic base.  It's quite an amazing piece when you start looking at all the different components!

Charm Swap 060

Olga created this beautiful Mime charm with I believe a bit of leafing around the edges and finished it off with a stunning bead dangle!

Charm Swap 061

Becky W. created two sets of bottle cap charms....not sure why I don't have a pic of her 2nd set but one set featured children and various gemstones (like the one shown) and her second set was a composite of vintage images and beautiful metal pieces to create miniature pieces of art!

Charm Swap 062

Jan W. made these delicate looking charms.  I can't remember how she made the bee part of the charm (I hope she will share it again) but the other part is shrink plastic stamped and colored.  Simply amazing!
Charm Swap 063

And finally Sue A. created this very cool collage-y charm that incorporates all sorts of fun bits...from the fragment bird, wood and glass beads, a spring all hanging off of a TH clip.  I really like the fuse she used to attach her charms to the tag....I'm thinkin I may add that to the charm as well!
Such a fun idea!
Charm Swap 065

There you have all of the amazing charms
created for this swap!
I have to say it's been a real treat to see what everyone has come up with!


  1. All the charms are so wonderful! Mine arrived today! Thanks to all!

  2. Wow these are amazing Roni. Your participants sure do have some amazing talent and great ideas.
    Thanks for sharing them all with us.

  3. It was so much fun seeing all of these beautiful charms!! To all of you creative "charm-makers", I think you are all very talented and interesting! Thank you Roni for sharing each of these with those of us that didn't join in. Maybe one of these times I will.

  4. Awesome charms- fantastic swap- WOW!

  5. Wow what an amazing collection of wonderful charms! You all deserve a round of applause for the charms you have created. And let us not forget the fabulous Roni for her inspiration and for hosting this swap.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to post all the amazing charms Roni and so look forward to receiving mine :)
    Von x

  7. Holy cow everybody! All of these on all three posts have been just amazing! I need to get brave and join in next time! You guys just rocked this swap!

  8. Soooooo jealous! I didn't participate because I was going to Scotland, and I didn't think I'd be anywhere close to done by the time I had to leave, but now....I wish I'd stayed up all night to make them!

    Next time!

  9. What a bunch of talented folks! Amazing Treasures.

    Elaine Allen

  10. Another amazing group of charms! It's been a fun swap and wish there was another sooner (hint hint LOL). I just love all the charms I got in my packet. But I do wish I could have gotten one of each of the 79... they are just so good!

  11. This was such a great swap! I love all the charms I received.

  12. WOW! Beautiful charms created by crafty people! Love them all!

  13. Fabulous charms - Thank you again and again Roni - I love the charms I received!

  14. Hi Roni,
    All my beautiful charms arrived today. Thanks so much again for hosting. I made the bee paper with Ice resin. You put the paper on wax paper and paint a thin coat of resin over it. It takes a bit to dry.

  15. My charms arrived today!!!! When I'm done doing the ohhhh and ahhh's, I'll thanks everyone that I can!!!


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