Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Distress Stain - Blended Stains

Today I wanted to share a VERY fun technique I've been messing with that pairs Distress Stains and Ink Stained FINGERS!!!  LOL....  You know how much I like Ink Stains on my fingers so you know you're gonna get messy with this one ;)

First let me show you the tag we're going to create....

3C - Sunshine Tag
(all stamps are Third Coast Rubber Stamps)

Pretty rockin huh?    Well it's really easy and all you need are Fired Brick & Wild Honey Distress Stains, a Tag, your fingers and whatever stamps you'd like to embellish your tag with!

NOTE: Speed is of the essence with this tag.  Since we're going to be blending two colors together you'll need to work quickly once the stains have been applied for a nice blend.

Start off by making a dot on your tag using the Fired Brick.

Now go back and apply Wild Honey to the rest of the tag.  You want this layer to be a bit juicy around the red dot since we'll be using it to blend with the red.


Next, quickly add more Fired Brick to the dot and then immediately rub your fingers in the red and yellow to combine it to make the orange...work in large circles around the original red dot.  This is so much fun...you never get the same look twice but it's always fun to see what you come up with!

And here is what your tag will resemble.  The size of your blended area will depend largely on how much stain you use, how much area you cover while the stains are still wet and how quickly you work.    You of course can keep the blended stains to a smaller area but I like to get in there and work it.


Told you it was going to be fun!
Gotta love Ink Stains on your Fingers huh?

Now it's your turn to go play....


  1. I love to be "hands on" and inky fingered. Great to see. It always amazes me when people at workshops get out their latex gloves! Nah! not for me!
    joZarty x
    Love the tag...

  2. love the feel of ink,stain,glue,torn bits of paper stuck..to my fingers!!!

  3. Great tag, great technique! Cannot wait to get inky.

  4. Awesome technique...gotta try that!!

  5. STUNNING!! Roni, what an awesome tag. So magical and whimsical, it screams Autumn and enchantment. I LOVE IT! And I love this technique, I will be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Elaine Allen

  6. Inky Fingers are the BEST! I usually use a blending tool, but the look isnt the same as yours... I will try my fingers directly. Thanks for the tip!! Love your tag...

  7. Oh Yeah...this tag is definitely rockin! I am not certain I could do the messy fingers routine. I do love the look of this though...I may have to just grit my teeth and go for it...

  8. awesome tag ~ and such a mess! *lol*

  9. I had kind of a tough day, so living in the sunshine would be just perfect for me! Beautiful technique Roni!

  10. Such a beautiful tag, great coloring.

  11. Hi Roni! What a fabulous tag! I haven't been able to find the stains locally so I'm going to have to order them - they're at the top of my list! :D

  12. lovely tag, have to try this my self, thanks for showing.


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