Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Charms, Charms, Everywhere Charms!

Goodness ~ the charms are really rolling in now!

Here is the run down of what I rec'd Monday and Tuesday....

Julie O'B - These little gems are even more lovely in person than they are on your blog....  Very cool design...I thought of a great name for them...."Orange" blossoms! 

Jozarty - What a beautiful charm!  What is the base for your charm?  I can't tell if it's metal or ????  I was thinking it might be friendly plastic but I don't know for sure since I've never seen it in person.  The colors are amazing!!!  Thank you so much for the charm you made me...I LOVE the image and all the beautiful beads.  I will wear it with pride :)

Pam J - Your charms arrived safe and sound!  I love all three sets ~ they are all so different but very cool.  I have to say my favorite is the mesh charm!  It is so abstract and artsy!  I never thought to make a charm like that and the pops of color really set them off.  Thanks for the MM goodies.  I can't wait to dig in and play!

Debbie - The charms are in the house!  OMG ~ the red set is WAY cool.  I have some of those in white but the red adds a whole new dimension... Your "round" set has some beautiful images and I love the skinny charms.  What is the base for those?  Is it glass or plastic?  I've never seen any so skinny before.  Love em!

Diane K - Oh my goodness, the beads you used for your charms are beautiful!!  Are they hand crafted?  Did you make them?  They are stunning!

Sandy L - Your charms have arrived and they are super.  I love each element of the design :)  Isn't that stuff fun to play with?  Thank you so much for the charm you made for me!!  It's awesome ~ I can't wait to add it to a pin so I can show it off!

Scrapyardbutterfly ~ They are here and they are great :)  Love the butterflies!  You did everything just fine.

Carol W. - Ding Ding Ding - Charms are here!  Love each and every one of them!  I am a bit partial to the copper goodness though. Thank you so much for the charm you made for me, I love it! 

Celina A - Wow, did you make the clay pieces ~ they are so pretty.  Love them!  Did you make them and then put them in the charm or put the clay in the charm then make the impression?  I've never made charms like that before but it looks like fun!

The Whimsical Wren - Your charms have landed!!  I love em!!  Specially the flowery skulls and the "shells"- too cool.  Thank you for the bag of bits ~ I will surely find a use for each and every one of them!

Caroline D - Your charms are here and they are great!  The one set is so delicate looking and I already have plans for the "money"....It has inspired me to make a charm pin centered around that game!  Thanks so much and your card is beautiful too!

that's all of 'em so far.
Are you getting excited now?
Curious to see the different designs? 
I hope so, I can hardly wait to share them with you!!!

I've heard from about half of the remaining swappers that their charms have been mailed.  If you haven't contacted me, please do so and let me know if you still plan on sending your charms of if you need to drop out.  I don't mind waiting if I know they are on their way.


  1. So glad you received mine today. I tried several different ways to make the clay impressions and it worked the best if you put the clay in the charm first, then did the impression. Then I baked them. next I used alcohol inks and glossy accents to cover them. I loved how they turned out!! I cannot wait to see all the charms!!

  2. I am getting excited,but not long to wait now.

  3. Phew, so glad they made it in time. Hope they are OK. :)

    Jennie x

  4. This is exciting! I will love seeing them all in a group!

  5. The charm anticipation is like waiting for Christmas morning. I am more than curious to see each and every charm as you are giving such tiny clues for them.
    Thank you so much Roni for all of your hard work to organize and facilitate this swap. Wednesday Summer Smiles...

  6. so glad you received them! Can not wait to see them

  7. It's getting exciting now!! I love reading your comments about everyone's charms, can't wait to see them!
    Roni, glad you like the charm I made you, just a little something to thank you for putting together the swap. :-)

  8. can't wait to see all the charms. yes mine are made using polymer clay. Of course of forgot to get pictures of mine because I wanted to get them in the mail. I'm so glad you like them.

  9. Know I'm delayed posting, but Ive been off for R&R at the coast and left the laptop at home on purpose! Glad you received mine... there is one of each for you Roni.

  10. Hi Roni
    I missed this post... sorry so didn't know they'd arrived. My charms are made from recycled materials. It was a metal Christmas Star, cut up, filed smooth, gessoed, alcohol inked then clear embossed to seal.
    I will post how I made them once they are safely with their recipients.
    Do you show pictures of them all or can we have the blog addresses of all the participants? I'd love to see them all!
    Great swap!
    JoZarty x


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