Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why use.... Perfect Pearls vs. Pearl Ex?

I get so many questions about Pearl Ex vs. Perfect Pearls (especially after Tuesdays post) that I thought I would clear a few things up...

Perfect Pearls and Pearl Ex are not exactly the same thing.

Perfect Pearls has a resin mixed into the pigment powder that allows it to stick without having to be sealed in most cases.  This is not a guarantee though.  I have run into several situations where I paired it with embossing inks or on some surfaces where the PP still rubbed off.

Pearl Ex is pigment and mica.  That's it...   It was meant to be paired with a fixative of some sort (I've heard it being used with anything from Gum Arabic, Wax, Glues, Hair Spray, Acrylic Sealers, etc) for it to become permanent on any given surface.  

Why waste my time with Pearl Ex?   (someone asked this yesterday)

Many artists prefer Pearl Ex because it lends it's self well to being mixed with their preferred mediums.

For example it can be added to wax for encaustic arts; it can be used in screen printing; used in airbrush machines for various applications; it is used to paint on silks; can be mixed with oils, acrylics, varnish, gouache, paper pulp, used for calligraphy, fine jewelry, printing, papermaking, candlemaking, sculptures and used on clay, pottery, metals, wood, plastics, papers, etc.  

It is a highly versatile pigment powder available in a variety of package sizes - from .5 oz up to a 1 pound jar for larger projects.

Perfect Pearls is more geared to the paper craft industry and can be used on a variety of surfaces but is only available in the small jars.

Colors colors colors...

I guess another reason that many people use one product or another is because of the colors it comes in.  It's all personal preference.  Perfect Pearls is currently ava. in 32 colors and Pearl Ex is ava. in 40 colors.

So, there you go...
just a few of the differences on why some people choose to use one over the other.

Hope this sheds a little light on the subject...


  1. Roni, I need to tell you just how much I appreciate your series (hope there is more!) on Pearl-X. I own both PP and PX and it really helps to have PX demo'd, cuz you are right, PP is the more well-known. Thanks again, xoxo

  2. What great information! Very clear and! :)

  3. Thanks for this post! It's good to have the info on both. I use the Perfect Pearls and I think I wrote the other day that I spray on Pearl Ex with just it is the Perfect Pearls that I spray on mixed with water. So easy to type the wrong word and not realize it!

  4. Thanks for sorting this out. I was wondering what the difference was!

  5. I bought a big set of Pearl-X pigments just because it was cheaper than getting the set of 4 PPs. Though right now what I'm really loving even more are my Magical Micas from Lindy's Stamp Gang. They're Dyes, Micas, and a fixative all in one and are even more gorgeous than PPs or PXs.

  6. Thanks for all the info on these 2 products!! I do use both too. I love using P.E. b/c it can be used in different mediums, like you said. I don't mind spraying over it (and often I spray over the P.P. too)!

    Ever since I started coming here, I've learned so many, MANY things!! I wish I could be as talented as you...but at least I'm trying! And having a ball at it! THANKS AGAIN RONI!!!

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