Friday, July 29, 2011

Charm Swappers...More in and 1 week left!!

Hi Ho Everyone!

I hope you've all had a great week!  It's been a busy one here...lots going on at the farm (straw & hay time); at our business (the orders keep rollin' in - that means I have to be at our building sewing) and here at home...

I know I'm behind on drawing winners for a couple of the drawings and posting the charms rec'd but I'm going to remedy part of that right now!

In the last 2 days I've rec'd several charm packages and they are.....

Darqueangel9 - Jen - Lovely charms!  Your vintage children are darling and the collage labels are the bling!  Thanks so much for the fuzzy spoon!!!  What a cool idea, I've never thought of  adding flocking to the whole thing before.

Lori W - Your charms arrived as well...  They are all very very cool. I don't think I could chose a favorite if I had to.  THANK YOU for the awesome Steampunk necklaces!!  Both are so very me and I will wear them with pride wherever I go :)

Cheryl L - Your charms are safe and sound!  I read your note and you did everything perfectly fine!  You are a tease though wrapping your charms like that though....I opened one and I LOVED it :)  Beautiful!  I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to join in the fun!

Vic - Your charms arrived today!  Each one is so cool in it's own way ~ from the main image to the accent pieces...  all very cool.  Thank you for the Pine Tree!  I don't have that but it will get a work out very soon....already have ideas perkin'.

Sherry E ~ They made it today!!  I have to say right off the top, one set of your charms is going to throw people off their diets!  OMG ~ that's a great idea...too funny :)   The pink set is very creative...I've never thought of doing that with the rubber piece!  and the pinecone set makes me wish it were a bit cooler - LOL!!  All very pretty but woman you sent way too much $''ll be getting most of it back.  It was only $5.00 for more than one set.  Thanks for the charms :)

Brenda S - Hey Chickie!  Your charms made it as well!  4 sets!  I'm impressed :)  They are all so different but all very cool.  I would have to say that the "picks" are my fav!  Those are amazing.  The clay ones must have taken a long time - such detail!  Thanks for the package of stars...they will go nicely with the pine tree die-cutter that Vic sent me :)  Perfect pair!

Well, that's all for now folks...

Only one week left so be sure to wrap them up (if you're still working on them) and get them in the mail soon. 

Can't wait to see what you've all created!!


  1. Wow it sounds like we are all in for a treat when we get our charms!

  2. They all sound so cool... cant wait to see them (hoping you'll post pics of all since we will only be getting a portion).

  3. Yea, I'm glad mine arrived! I was hoping you didn't have that little tree - I ended up with two! I'm eagerly awaiting the returns! Thanks for hosting another great swap.

  4. This is getting very exciting as you are posting received charms. I cannot imagine each one so cannot wait to see them for real. Sorry about the $ as I never could follow directions very well. :o)
    Happy Swapping my dear...

  5. I hope mine make it in time. I sent them on Tuesday from the UK. I was so nervous about getting it wrong *eep*
    I will need to Paypal you as I couldn't get any $ to send with them

    Jennie x

  6. yeah! thanks for letting us know Roni. I have to admit I loved all the charms I made (sounds conceited--but not meant to)especially the "picks" It has been so long since I swapped--I am getting excited to see them all. I made extra and wore my own charms on a pin yesterday--how fun!

  7. It will be great when they get swapped out. I'm glad I made an extra of mine for myself.

  8. I just adore your blog - been following for about a year now. I gave you an award and wanted to email it to you but can't get outlook to open. I won't post the link here, but if you want to see it just check out my blog from profile. By the way I have tried so many of your techniques and I'm always shocked at how easy it is to create your looks. Thanks for being such an amazing blogger!


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