Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recycled Plastic Packaging - Bubble Charms

Oh I am so excited about today's charm ~ I've been saving this packaging for about 2.5 months now cause I knew just what I was going to do with it!

This if you can't tell is a package from TH Ideaology Facets minus the back portion of the package.  The one on top is the front of the package which is where the Facets are housed and the second piece is a liner piece that holds the Facets in place.  I cut the back of the package off to use on other projects.

You can recycle this packing material and make 13 different charms just from these two sheets of plastic!  (12 from the Facet bubbles and an extra small square bubble where the jump rings were housed!)

Bubble Charms 001

The first thing you're going to need to do is nest the liner sheet in the front section just as it came in the package.

Holding both pieces together carefully trim around each bubble.  You can see from this photo that I have cut away the largest teardrop bubble.
Bubble Charms 002

Here are the two sections apart after being cut.

Bubble Charms 003

and here are several different shapes after being cut...front and backs.

Bubble Charms 004

Now you will need to trim up a bit of paper to line your bubble.  I am using some of the Glassine paper that I embossed and inked for this example.  You can use one of the actual facets for a pattern or you can just wing it like I did.

Glue the paper either to the front or back of the liner piece (back half of your bubble).

Bubble Charms 005

Glue whatever image(s) and/or sentiments you would like to the front of the liner piece (the back of your bubble that you were working with a minute ago.)

Bubble Charms 006

Fill the front of your bubble with whatever goodies you would like...  For this charm I am using watch parts but I've also used German Glass Glitter; microbeads; sand; mini buttons; etc.  Whatever will fit works!

Glue the top and bottom portions together by applying a thin line of Glossy Accents to the very rim of the back section as pictured.   Carefully place the two sections together and let the GA dry completely before moving.  You don't want to move it too soon or your filler might get stuck to the GA.
Bubble Charms 007

To finish off the charms I covered the edges with a variety of materials. Some ideas for this particular step include: Stickles Glitter Glue; Masking Tape; Tissue Tape; Border Stickers; Twine; Ribbon; decorative fibers; lace; paper trim; etc. 

After the edges have been covered if desired you can cover the back of the charm as well.

Finally poke a hole in the very edge of the rim to add the jump ring.

And here are my finished charms.....
Bubble Charms 008

Bubble Charms 009

LOVE this steampunk chick from the Graphic 45 Steampunk papers!!!
I think this is my favorite of the charms shown!
I love that masking tape from 7G's brown sheet music.
Bubble Charms 010

Bubble Charms 011

So, there you go...
a super inexpensive recycled charm
that looks like a million!


  1. You are a genius! I was pretty sure you were but now I'm positive! Those are amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh Roni, how clever! When I saw the first photo with the packaging, I thought you were going to use it as a mold or something. Didn't occur to me you would use the actual plastic for the charms. I love it when you think outside the box... Er inside the packaging!!

  3. You are so totally talented!!! I am still catching up so just read your last three posts and I am blown away with all that you create. My swap charms should be arriving to you Friday or Saturday via Priority Mail. So looking forward to the exciting swapping. Wonderful weekend to you dear...

  4. Whoo Hooo! I just bought a pack of the facets at Michaels yesterday and they were 30% off! I will surely save the packaging they came in! What a cool idea.Thanks again for another terrific idea!

  5. Roni -

    GENIUS!!! I love how these turned out. My lord girl, your mind is always moving. What a wonderful idea.

    Elaine Allen

  6. These are awesome charms! Where did the little gears come from?

  7. I am loving the charms- how cool is that to recycle the plastic to make a charm- nice and light too- love your images! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. How cool is this ?! Such a wonderful idea, love it and will write it on my to-do-list. Thanks for this wonderful inspiration.

  9. Aaargh! I knew I shouldn't have chucked that packaging away! I was trying to be sensible and, erm, ruthless! Never mind, I'll just have to use all my facets up and buy some more, lol.

    Fabulous work, and I agree with you about the steampunk girl. :D
    Helen S

  10. These are amazing~each and every one!

  11. When I first read you were using packaging, I thought 'really??' because I just thought they'd be looking like exactly what it was....the packaging. Was I ever wrong! These are gorgeous!!! You are so clever!

  12. I love reusing packaging too! BUT..I would never have thought of this. ONLY YOU, Roni! You really are unbelievably talented! I am thankful every day that I found your blog a few years ago.

  13. What an excellent idea and luckily, as I never throw anything remotely useful away, I have some to try this out!
    joZarty x

  14. I knew I should have save ALL the packaging from thoe TH facets and charmes. YOur creativity just blows me away...thanks!

  15. I save so much packaging, but would never have thought of this. Fantastic!

  16. Cute, cute, cute! What a great idea for repurposing leftover packaging! I've been saving some very similar to this to make shaker boxes, but never thought of making it into charms. Wonderful idea!

  17. These charms sure look like a million bucks. They're so cute and easy to make! My friends and I love DIY jewelry, and we'll definitely try making these. Oh, I'll start scrounging for plastic packaging.


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