Sunday, July 12, 2009

Postcards 20090712 - Christmas Postcards!!

In keeping with my Christmas in July theme I thought I'd share some Christmas Postcards I have in my collection!

If you would like you can click on any of them and it should take you to Flickr. Please feel free to use these postcards for your own personal use but please don't compile and sell them in any fashion.


Postcards 20090712002

Love the colors of this one...looks like they used the Ink Blending tool - LOL!!

Postcards 20090712004

Postcards 20090712006

Never would have associated clover with Christmas!

Postcards 20090712008

One of my foreign postcards...not sure what it says but I hope it's nothing bad - LOL!!

Postcards 20090712009

Postcards 20090712012

I have some wintery scenes for next week ;)

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a fun Hanukkah project and I have even more fun things in store later on in the week!

Be sure to stop in and see what "cool" things I have planned!

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