Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BIG NEWS - Heat It Craft Tool by Ranger

OMG ~ I am so stinkin excited...

heat it craft tool

I just heard yesterday that Ranger's much loved (and missed) Heat It Craft Tool is once again available and will start shipping soon!!!!!

Now if you're not familiar with the Heat It craft tool you NEED to be! It is (IMO) THE best and the ONLY heat gun you should have in your tool kit. Now I know what you're thinking...yeah right ~ it's just another embossing gun!

You couldn't be more wrong!!!

99% of the heat guns/embossing guns on the market blow more than they heat...yes, they do eventually get hot but you still have to contend with all that hot air being blown around at a high rate of speed. I have heard so many people tell me they have just given up on embossing because it is sooooooo messy. It's not the technique, it's the embossing gun that makes it messy.

The Heat It craft tool gets very hot very quickly and is more of a gentle breeze than blast from a 747 that regular heat tools put off.

You can heat your embossing powders in half the time and the powder doesn't fly all over your craft area. It is also great to speed drying, melt UTEE (in layers instead of dipping), and so many other things ~ I even used mine to take off the wall border from my sons room - LOL!!

It's going to start shipping soon so be on the look out for it at your nearest craft/hobby store :)


  1. I had no idea there was much of a difference in embossing guns. I use a large heat gun/paint stripper set on low to do my embossing. Of course something smaller would be better. Looks like this just might be the ticket!

  2. does it really heat up inside? i mean i can see it burning inside like it lights that normal?


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