Sunday, July 5, 2009

Postcards 20090705

Hi Friends!

I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July! We went to my brothers house for the usual hamburgers, hot dogs and brats accompanied by all the fixin's! I played with my little nephew (3) and had a nice chat with my niece (14) so it was a fun time.

Been working on the room...I finished painting the last coat of paint on the walls (YEAH!!!), built & installed a set of nice shelves in the closet. They are already filled ;) LOL!! I also painted some shelf brackets and a cool vintage farm store metal shelf unit that I got at a tractor swap meet for $2.00 (flat black). I have also started sorting and moving things around in my current room so i'll be able to just move things into their respective shelves once the room is ready.

I have to wait now till Eric is done baling hay to help me with the next part...moving ben's stuff out of the room so I can tear the carpet out and paint the floor. :S I hate waiting...I'd rather just do it and get it done.

I'm going to start a Christmas in July celebration this coming week so be sure to stop in and check out the fun projects I have in store for you :)

While I was sorting I also found a whole collection of inspirational thoughts & quotes for military men and women from WWII. I am going to try and find some time this week or next to get them typed up and alphabetized so I can post them for you to use in case you'd like to incorporate them into a card for any military personnel you might know. Granted they are over 70 years+ old but I think they are still uplifting and supportive of modern men & women serving our country.

On to the postcards...

I'm not sure if you've ever seen any or not but back in the 20's & 30's (maybe into the 40's) they had "packets" of postcards that folded up into themselves for mailing. Today I have the first part of one of these packets to share with you...hope you enjoy...and yes, I know I have yet to share any projects incorporating them ~ my printer is out of ink and I haven't been to Ft. Wayne to pick up a new cartridge yet...sorry! I promise as soon as I do you'll see some fun projects incorporating them :)

The Catskill Mountains!




(this one is my fav. of this set!!)







Thanks for stoppin' by~

Be sure to check in for some Christmas in July fun this week :)

Take care!


  1. Roni, I love your postcards. I collect current postcards from everywhere I go, but I love searching antique shops for vintage postcards. It is totally fun. TFS

  2. pretty! yes, I would love the quotes you refer son is @ the USAFA and I write MANY cards to Cadets all the time, as well as to our soldiers overseas. TY in advance! Cher

  3. I have some of these too ... so fun. Here's a card I made with one:

    Vintage Utah Moxie


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