Friday, July 31, 2009

Mystery Technique...Archival Ink Resist!!!

Whew, I had planned on posting this earlier but you know how Murphy's Law goes. My DT projects have been taking FOREVER to dry due to the humidity so that put me way behind...they should have gone in the mail today but will be going tomorrow instead.

Then dh decided we needed to start butchering our meat chickens ~ before we got started we needed to seperate the calves from their mothers and add a new calf to the mix we bought last weekend. Well, all of the calves freaked out, which got the cows & bull going...running fences, getting rambunctious, etc. Ended up having our bull calf running straight through our fence back into with the cows!! Soooo, we had to seperate the new calf back out (he was the cause of all the excitement), put the calves back with their mothers then repair the fence!

After we got all that taken care of a neighbor shows up and wants to chit-chat with Eric so half an hour later we finally got to the chickens.

Long story short...things just did NOT go as planned this evening!

Anyway, I've never talked much about Rangers Archival Inks before but these inks are some of my favorites. They are of course archival as stated in the name, waterproof, and fade resistant.

These are my inks of choice when I'm working on non-porous surfaces in place of Staz-On inks. They take a bit longer to dry but AI's don't have the obnoxious smell that Staz-On inks do.

These inks also have another unique aspect that many other inks don't...they resist dye inks when used in conjunction with glossy cardstock!!

Archival Ink Resist

Archival Ink Resist 001


Archival Inks

Dye Ink

Ink Blending Tool

Glossy Cardstock

Rubber Stamps

Heat Gun


1. Stamp desired images using Archival Ink onto glossy cardstock (this won't work with any other type of paper!!!).

Archival Ink Resist 002

2. Once you're finished stamping, heat the inks to ensure all images are completely dry before moving on to the next step. If the Archival Inks haven't been allowed to dry completely once you add the dye ink to the mix it will smear making a mess.

Archival Ink Resist 005

3. Pull out your handy dandy Ink Blending Tool and dye ink of your choice...I used a variety of Distress Inks for the example but any dye ink will work.

Archival Ink Resist 006

Wipe a dry cloth over the cardstock to remove any excess inks. You will notice that the underlying Archival Ink images retain their vivid colors ~ Resisting ~ the dye inks!!

Way Cool huh????

Here is the example from yesterday as well as a card created using this same technique!

Surprise Tech 2

Archival Ink 03-09012

Be sure to check in tomorrow as I'll be announcing a very special Give-A-Way I have planned for all of you :)

(((( may have something to do with

a certain collage/altered arts book!))))

Till then ~ have a very Inky Day!!!


  1. well I sure hope you don't expect I have read the whole book already! but...luved your technique tonite...ty Cher

  2. Roni your book is a treasure! I read a few pages every night before bed and am dieing(no I can NOT spel!) to try some techniques!

  3. You must've read my mind, as yesterday I picked up my first Archival Ink pad! :D Thanks for the inspiration again hun <3


  4. I love that there is always so much to learn in this craft! Today I learned Achival ink can be used as a resist as well as use on nonporous surface as I have been using Stazon. Thanks for sharing info new to me!


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