Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heat n Bond Background Technique

Hey Guys!

Making progress on the I applied the paint color to the walls. Remember I told you it was called "Ultra White"? Well, I was skeptical about how much brighter it would be than the primer. If you check out the previous post it shows pics of how bright the room was with just the primer.

WELL, I am impressed!!! This stuff really is ULTRA white! It makes the primer look grey blue in comparison!! Check out these pics ~ they really show the difference between the two.

Studio - Ultra White

Studio - Ultra White 2

After I painted, I started packing up my craft supplies in the current room....I know sad huh? I don't know what I'm going to do w/o all my goodies at my fingertips! Anyway, I found a package of Heat n Bond Ultra Hold that I used in the collage book (hint hint!!) and wondered what else I could do with it so I started playing (yes, I this rate it's going to take me forever to pack up the room!).

If you're not familiar with Heat n Bond it's similar to Stitch Witchery but it's thicker and I think more sticky once heated. Anyway I was playing around and found that it is the beginnings of several great backgrounds so here you go...

Heat n Bond Background


Heat n Bond (I used Ultra Hold but others will work)


Heat Gun


Any of the following: Micro Beads, Glass Glitter, Mylar Glitter, Flocking Powder, Embossing Powder, etc.

Heat n Bond Background001


1. Cut the HnB a tad larger than your piece of cardstock (it will shrink a bit when you are heating it.). Remove the backing paper and place it on your cardstock.

Heat & Bond Backgrounds002

2. Now you are going to need to use two different techniques depending on what type of "add on" you are using. Heavier goodies such as the glass glitter, sand, micro shells, etc. should be applied using method 2A, lighter materials, embossing powders, micro beads, flocking powder, etc., which have a tendency to "fly away" should be applied using method 2B.

2A - Sprinkle the desired material over the HnB.

NOTE: don't worry if the material doesn't cover the entire area. The magic will happen once you begin to heat.

Heat & Bond Backgrounds003

2B - Heat the HnB briefly ~ just 10 seconds or so will do. You're just trying to make the HnB sticky so your lighter materials will stick to it. After you have heated for 10 seconds, sprinkle on desired toppings.

Heat & Bond Backgrounds010

3. Start heating the covered HnB material and top coating. You will notice that the HnB starts to melt then bubble. As the HnB bubbles it will start pulling the glitter, embossing powder, etc. around leaving gaps in some areas while moving and pushing it into other areas. Heat until it stops bubbling.

Heat & Bond Backgrounds005

Heat & Bond Backgrounds011

4. After it has stopped bubbling let the cardstock cool completely. Trust me on this one...I tried to pick up one of the first experiments too soon and ended up with molten HnB & micro beads stuck to my finger!! Hurt like the dickens!

After it's cooled it's ready to use!

Here are a few examples of the finished backgrounds using various materials as the top coat...

Glass Glitter

(use method 2A)

Heat & Bond Backgrounds018

Embossing Powders

(I used method 2A but if you don't have a Heat It craft tool you may have to use method 2B)

Heat & Bond Backgrounds020

Flocking Powder

(use method 2B)

Just a note on the Flocking Powder. I'm not sure why but it doesn't bubble or seperate much. It's more of an all-over coverage. I'm thinking it may be because the flocking powder doesn't absorb or generate any additional heat like the micro beads, glass glitter or ep's do.

Heat & Bond Backgrounds015

Micro Beads

(use method 2B)

LOVE how the HnB pulls these beads around. You just never know what design you're going to end up with!

Heat & Bond Backgrounds021

So there you go...check around in your stash and see if you have any Heat n Bond material hanging around just begging to be might be surprised at all the fun stuff you think of sticking to it!

My posting may be spotty for a bit here...I have to paint the floor then we'll be concentrating on moving all my "Stuff" as well as installing desks, shelves, etc. Then of course I'll be re-organizing everything after that. I'll try to post as often as I can but I can't say it will be daily.

Please bear with me during "construction" ;)

Have a wonderful day!!

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