Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gift Idea #2 - Alcohol Inked Krystal Kraft Bookmarks

25 Days of Gifts - Day #2

Today I have some fun acrylic pieces that I turned into book marks. They are all made using Krystal Kraft acrylic as the jumping off point. I got mine from Outside the Margins but I'm sure lots of places carry them. These gems are available in a wide range of shapes but today I'm sharing two of my favorites...the mask & torso.

Each of the acrylic pieces were colored using Adirondack Alcohol Inks then embellished further with a variety of embellishments.

Mardi Gras



I turned the torsos into little people by adding a photo to a charm that I attached using E-6000 adhesive. I added word tags as arms and embellished with some awesome fringe for skirts. These are so much fun to make, by varying the colors and embellishments you could make a whole range of little people!

Lady in Black (and purple)-


Lady in Red -


Fun huh?

These are fairly quick, cost about $3.00 - $5.00 each by the time you figure the trim, charms, bodies and book mark. Not too expensive but it could be a lot less especially since you can use bits and pieces of things you may have left over from other projects.

So, look like something you'd like to make, give or receive?


  1. Too cute, Roni! LOVE the Lady in Red one!

  2. Wow Roni congratulations on your 500th post! You run light years ahead of me...most of us are thrilled when we hit 500 comments on our blog! Now here you are posting 25 gifts! You just never slow down! Many, many thanks for sharing so many techniques and ideas! Love your bookmarks!

  3. Roni...those are so wonderful! I love the ladies!! Those are so cool I wouldn't want to hide them inside a book!

  4. Love them! I'd like to receive them... Wonder if Santa will put one in my stocking???

  5. Oh yes, they definitely are something I'd love to give or receive!! I LOVE the black & purple one, it's the coolest thing I've seen in a l-o-n-g time! I'd wear one as a pin - it'd be a great conversation starter! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. They're amazing. Love the Torso ones. Such a great gift for someone. xx


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