Monday, November 3, 2008

Stamp n' Stash Storage Pages

Hey peeps - Happy November!

Just an update on the Stamp n Stash storage sheets. I bought some because they are so awesome. Of course when I got them I just started ripping those stamps out of the packages getting them on the pages and I FORGOT to take pics!!! BUT, Amy at Alluring Impressions asked for pics (after I was almost finished). So I took my Autumn Leaves stamp collection consisting of 20 sets, 2 alphabets and several single stamps -

Stamp N Stash - Autumn Leaves003

which measured went from a little over 6" of stamps......

Stamp N Stash - Autumn Leaves004

DOWN to this nice neat little stack!

Stamp N Stash - Autumn Leaves002

From 6" to about 1 3/4" of pages!!

Stamp N Stash - Autumn Leaves001

It just doesn't get much better than that! I'm so tickled ~ I actually have 4 binders now of just clear stamps. I will have 5 (need to go get one more) in the end but it takes me from having 4 of those giant baggies (2.5 gallon size) full of stamps down to just 5 albums! I'm so excited ~ this frees up so much space!


  1. That is an impressive reduction in storage space! Yay for organising!~Erin Glee

  2. And even better than saving space, now you don't have to pull out baggies, rummage through each one to find what you want, open the bag, pull out the stamp sheet...etc, etc!
    With all the stamps you have, you need a good storage system! Way to go!


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