Monday, September 21, 2015

Birthday Cake Gift Card Holder

Today I wanted to share a really fun gift card holder I came up with this past weekend.  My Mom and Dad have birthday's very close together (mom's was the 17th and dad's is today - the 21st) so I got them a gift card to a very nice restaurant in our area.  I was going to make them each a card but then who's do I put the gift card in?  It's not fair to put it in one or the other since it's for both of them.  Then I thought I'd make a single gift card holder and since it was their birthday - a cake right? 

So I thought about just how to do it and finally came up with this....

This cake is sized to fit into a standard A2 envelope (approx 4.5 x 5.75").  As far as decorations go, you can go as simple or extravagant as you'd like, it's totally up to you.  

To reveal the gift card, simply pull on the top layer and....

There you go!

Here is a link to the PDF template for the holder (bottom 2 tiers) and card holder (top tier)...Yes, it's upside down - Sorry I don't know how to make it right side up but it all prints the same either way.


1. Print out the template and trim out each piece.

2. Fold a piece of thin chipboard or cardstock in half; position the bottom cake layers along the fold where directed, trace and trim.   Trace and cut the pull out card onto a piece of single ply thin chipboard or cardstock.

3. (Cardstock) If you used cardstock, add a thin bead of glue along the bottom and sides of the cake to seal it up.  Cut slits to hold the gift card, insert the card into the cake and you're ready to go.

3. (Chipboard) If you used chipboard you'll need to cover each layer with a bit of pattern paper or cardstock.  Instead of gluing the sides I simply covered them with pattern paper to seal it up.  I also covered the pull out card with pattern paper as well.  

4. Decorate your cake as desired!  I left mine a bit plain due to time constrains and so it would fit into the envelope.  If you had a box to present the cake in you could really go crazy on how lumpy your embellishments were.

Add a gift card and you're ready to go!

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