Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mojo Monday Sketch #415

Hey everyone...hope you're having a great week so far.  I love a challenge so I subscribed to several sketch and challenge blogs this year.  It's helped me stretch as an artist for several reasons but it's also helped me keep things fresh and to look at my supplies in different ways.

So today I decided to blindly choose a challenge and see what I could do with it.  I ended up with Mojo Monday's Sketch #415 and here's what I created....

The sketch actually had a little tag tucked into the pocket but I decided to mix things up a bit so I stamped a couple ginkgo leaves and fussy cut them.  I also added a faux Chinese coin into the mix because I like to group things in 3's.  It's a little quirk I have...I find that groups of 3 and/or odd numbers seem to look more balanced to me than having even numbered items.

Now there's a question for the day - 
Odds or Evens?
Do you find yourself using more odd numbers of embellishments/stamped images or even???

Supplies: - Papers, Stamps, Embellishments
IMAGINE Crafts featuring Tuskineko - Memento Dye Ink - Bamboo Leaves, Teal Zeal, Rich Cocoa; Sponge Dauber


  1. Oh Roni, this is gorgeous! Love the tucked in leaves. Great job!

  2. Beautiful card Roni! I definitely go with odd numbers of embellishments.

  3. I haven't noticed whether I go with odd or even. I think when I follow a sketch that I usually go with what the sketch is. I know if I'm adding buttons, flowers, etc. that I like to go with odd numbers. I do the same decorating a group of three or five candles instead of four or six.

  4. I love the sentiment on this card! :)


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