Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015 Mixed Media Technique Calendar - October

Ahhh yes, it's been a while since we've worked on the technique calendar for this year but several people had asked for a reprieve...they kept falling further behind and were getting a bit frantic.  Soooo now that October and (shiver) the end of the year is upon us it's time to get busy and finish it up!  Today I am going to share October's calendar page and then we'll resume one per week to finish off the year.

Here is the page we're creating...the texture and dimension is amazing in person - I wish you could feel the lumpy legs of the spiders and the texture of the gauze embedded in the gesso and the shimmer of the Pico irRESISTible Shimmer Spritz...

Let's get started!

First you'll need to cut your gothic arch and prepare a bit of cheese cloth.  If you don't have cheese cloth don't fret, you can use just about anything you might have on hand...medical gauze, burlap, paper towel, tissue paper, mulberry paper, etc.  You are just looking for something to add a bit of texture to your initial layer.

Cut or tear your chosen texture additive into 3" - 5" pieces - just something a bit more convenient to work with than an entire length.

Begin by smearing a bit of gesso into the center of the gothic arch, working towards the edges, embed (smoosh in) pieces of cheese cloth (or other material).  You're not trying to completely cover it up...just push it around until it's securely attached while bits of it still show through here and there.  This really adds a nice tactile appeal to the finished page.

Here's what mine looked like at this point.  I didn't add any gauze in the center of the arch because I knew the calendar page would be there.  Now, the hardest part of the whole project is right have to let it dry completely!  It takes a bit of you've added much gesso like I did but I promise the texture will be worth it in the end.

Now to add a bit of color - I am using Brusho Colour Crystals but you could use any spray inks or powders you'd like.  Shoot you could even use watered down acrylics or watercolor paints.

While the ink/paint is still wet sprinkle on a generous amount of Kosher or Sea Salt and let it dry.

Once the paint/ink has dried, scrape off as much or as little salt as you like.  I rubbed most of it off in the center (where the calendar page will be) but left the rest pretty much intact. 

Ink the edges and elsewhere with a nice dark brown ink.  I am using Spiced Chai StazOn ink.

Add a bit of stamping...

A few flicks of white paint and some highlighting (of the spiders) with a bit of Pico irRESISTible Embellisher (this adds dimension and shine to an other wise flat image!).

Add the calendar and any additional embellishments your heart desires!


  1. Wow, that's a gorgeous page. Love every detail.

  2. Love that, apart from one thing, I have a severe phobia of spiders! The backgrounds is awesome Roni - love the texture and the shimmer too. Thanks so much for sharing these techniques with us it means a lot and I am very thankful for all that you have taught me Karen xx


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