Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pull Tab Card/Album Tutorial

If you recall I made this fun Pull Tab Album last month for the Picnic Club Scrap Blog Hop.  Several people have asked for instructions on how to assemble the pages/albums as well as the measurements I used.    Today I am going to share the page set tutorial with you.

Each set of pages has a left side consisting of a large page, a smaller page and a pull out tab - 

When you flip the smaller page you have 3 additional areas to fill up - the tab, small page and second large page making this a super fun album with lots of space for all sorts of memories!

The watermelon picnic album I made used 5 sets of pages but of course you can make an album with fewer or more pages depending on your need.  This tutorial gives you the basic dimensions for each set of pages which you will simply repeat as many times as necessary.

To begin you will need to cut a piece of cardstock 3" wide x 4.5" tall.  This is the pull tab part of your page - you will need to trim off a .5" x 2.5" strip off the top and bottom as shown.  I used my Score Pal to make the cut lines shown.  The area marked with "X"'s is what needs to be cut away.    By cutting away the 1/2" strips you create two small tabs which will keep the pulls from sliding completely out of the album.

Cut a sheet of cardstock 5.5" x 11" and score at 3", 5.5" and 8".

Fold along the crease lines so you have a mountain fold in the center of your page set.  It should look like this:

Flatten out your folded pages and mark 1" from the top and bottom on the center fold line.  Use a sharp craft knife to cut between the two marks.  This will create a 3.5" slot for your pull tab.

Insert the pull tab from the back side of your pages.

Add a strip of strong tape along the top and bottom edges inside the center page area as shown...make sure that the tape is narrow enough so that it doesn't interfere with the tab page sliding in and out of the page.  Remove the backing strip and secure the center pages together.

Your first set of album pages is finished!!!  This photo shows the tab pulled out...

and here is the same page with the tab slid back.  As I mentioned above I used 5 sets of these pages for my album which when finished created 20 pages and 5 double sided tabs to decorate.  You could use one set of pages to create an interactive card or multiple sets for an album of any size.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a card example using these instructions.
Hope to see you then!


  1. Hi Roni,

    Thanks for the tutorial! The mini book looks great and I love the pull out tabs. I hope you are doing well. I was looking at your book the other day and I just thought "yep, a signed copy that I won from the author." So posh!!!


  2. Thank you Roni, I'll be back tomorrow!

  3. Wonderful book, loving the pull out tabs!


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