Thursday, July 10, 2014

ICE Resin Paper Mixed Media Charm

Yesterday I shared this photo of some sheet music pieces....well today I can tell you one thing I had planned on doing with this paper and why it is special.  It is ICE Resin paper!  Yes, the stuff you make charms out of can also be used on paper.  WHY you might be asking?  Well it turns a flimsy piece of paper into a really tough durable component that can be used for a variety of things.  I was making charms and had extra resin mixed up so instead of wasting it I made some resin paper and cast a few little Frozen Charlotte dolls. (IDEA!!!)

My project today incorporates a sheet of this paper into a mixed media altered charm!

I started my charm off by painting a filigree pendant and butterfly with Vintaj Enamels.

Amazingly enough these enamels dry in a matter of minutes so no more long waits ;)

Once the pendant and butterfly were dry, I took the ICE Resin sheet music piece, gathered it in the center and tucked it into the pendant.  I added a dab of glue behind the sheet music to permanently affix it to the finding.

I attached the butterfly to the pendant and then added a bit of Liquid Pearls around the rest of the pendant that was exposed.

I'm not sure that it's looks so bare to me. It just needs something.  I may have to set it aside for a while and mull it over a bit.  Any suggestions? I was adding a bit more info to the intro I had an about a mini Frozen Charlotte?!?!?  I think I'm gonna have to give it a try.

You will see the rest of my ICE Resin paper in tomorrow's I can't wait to share!  Hope to see you then!


  1. Love it. It seems I always have a little resin left.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  3. Maybe the butterfly needs ant

  4. Sorry something wasn't werking right. What I mean is antenna's. If that is the right word.
    As always I love the colors you use.

  5. I love your mixed media piece so far! Butterflies are always a favorite and purple is really my color. When in doubt.....add some dangles!

  6. What a gorgeous piece! I like it just the way it is. Can't wait to see what else you have done with the Ice Resin.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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