Monday, July 14, 2014

ICE Resin - Yellow Hardener Test Charms

Well, you know from my last few posts that I've been playing with ICE Resin.  It was actually an experiment because I had bought a couple 8oz. ICE Resin kits and when I went to open up one of the packages I noticed the hardener (Part B) had turned yellow!  I bought it though Blitzy ...  I'm not sure they would do anything about it since they are one of those short term deal places so I figured if it didn't work I was out 60.00!!!  I don't know about you but that's not a good feeling.

NOTE: It was stored in a drawer away from sunlight so I don't think that was the issue...not sure what caused it.

I set about my test ~ measuring, then mixing and once mixed with part A it didn't look nearly as yellow as it did in the bottle.  As you know I used it to make Resin Paper....  The layer of resin on the paper was so thin that there is no yellowing what so ever.

I also made Cast Resin Pieces...  The cast pieces did have a yellow coloration to them.  I'm assuming this is because it was such a thick layer of resin.  I don't mind it so much with these pieces because I knew I was going to color them up a bit with inks.  I think if you were going to mix in a colorant you might have a bit of trouble with it because the yellow tint would change the colors added.  You'd have to compensate for the yellow when mixing.

and I also made Resin Filled Charms....

and I'm happy to report that all of the charms turned out perfectly!  They don't look yellow and it set up just fine.  I know some people report to have trouble with it getting gooey or not setting up properly but I have found that accurate measuring and mixing is the key.  If you get those two things right it works every time.

And here's what they look yellow at all!  I used images with pale pastels for most of the charms because I figured if the yellow was going to be an issue it would really show up on these images.  Luckily they all turned out great :)

So, if you've got some ICE Resin (or any resin for that matter) and the hardener has turned worries, it should work just fine!   I'm thinkin' I am going to keep these for an upcoming charm swap....(hint hint hint!).


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiment. That is good to know that if the hardener has turned yellow it will still work fine. I have not played with resin because of the mixing and being precise. However, I've noticed a few times when I've used Dimensional Magic on paper it has cracked. :-( At a later date I'll have to try the Ice Resin.

    By the way your charms look great! Have a GREAT week!

  2. Hello, just found this :-) My Ice Resin has been sitting on the shelf for three years. I usually use little WIndow resin, wanted to try the Ice Resin but never got around to it. The hardener is yellow, so I tried it with colors and glitter and it still works beautifully with that. It cures perfectly well. May I ask where you got these images? They are so cute! Bye :-) Kathy


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