Friday, February 21, 2014

Primary Colors Have It!

Have you noticed how color trends seem to come and go lately?  It seems that one moment pastels are in then you turn around and everyone is playing with NEON!  It seems like every time I open a new e-mail some company or other has come out with an entirely new line of ink colors.  It's almost dizzying the rate it all changes.   I'm very behind...I just recently got a few of the Hero Arts Shadow Inks (because they were on sale/clearance).   I don't know how some of these people do it...not only do I not have the $'s to buy all these new inks but I don't know where they put them all! 

Well anyway, I don't think I'm the only one having color over-load.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a challenge that prompted you to go back to the beginning and use primary colors on a card.  Of course I'm too late for the challenge but I did give it a shot and it was kind of fun.  Here is the card I created....

All of the images are from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps and of course the main image was what I colored using primary colors.  I have to say at first the yellow background was really - well bright - almost scary bright I suppose because I don't use it much but once I finished coloring the coffee pot it seemed to tone it down a bit.  I also used green for the cup and red for the sign.  I had to slip in some grey's and browns for the spoon, shadows & coffee but I think for the most part it really fits the spirit of the challenge.

So I challenge you to use some primary colors on a card for a change just to get back to the basics and forget about dew melon sorbet or summer sunset orange or well, you get the picture - LOL!!

I have another challenge for you...this weekend I challenge you to take some time just for yourself to get inky!  Take a moment or two and get reacquainted with those stamps you haven't had the pleasure of using for a while or maybe even pull out a half finished project you haven't gotten around to finishing.  

Have fun and stay inky my friends!


  1. Hi there Roni, I am sure glad I found your site yesterday. I loved your technique so much, that I did a similar rendition on my blog today...I pronounced your name wrong and everything...haha It just hit me that is is pronounced like Johnny, but with an R. lol I love your book as well. I just saw it on the web. I can't wait to spend more time on here, learning to do what I love most....inking my fingers to the bone....hahaha Well, at least to the knucke. You have inspired me to be satisfied with the things I started out with, like 8 crayola in case you need a smile. Take care, and thanks.

  2. I didn't really get inky this past weekend but I did get green fingers from my homemade glitter spray. I also got chalk on my fingers from using my chalk pastels. It had been awhile since they had seen the light of day.

    I love your use of primary colors and will have to challenge myself once my St. Patrick cards are done to do a primary color card. Thanks for sharing!


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