Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tick Tock - Ring in the New Year!!!

Hi Friends!

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year's Celebration!
We had a nice time with our boys and their girlfriends on NYE.

I wanted to share how I brought in the New Year..... 
The title of this post is a clue
and it has nothing to do with anything crafty.

To start off I should tell you we have a very long living room with one wall (over the couch) unbroken by doors, windows, etc.  It's always been a challenge finding something to fill in that space and look nice.  For the last several years as a family we've been debating on what theme we wanted to go with.   We never did really arrive upon anything we could all agree on so I decided that I wanted a wall of clocks!

It's taken me several years to collect enough clocks to actually do so (I've gotten clocks for the last 3 years from Mom and Dad for Christmas) BUT this year I finally had enough!!!  I hung them all up on New Years Eve during the day when my family was doing their thing.

clocks 001

clocks 003
This is my steampunk-ish clock I found at Tuesday Morning a year ago...

clocks 004
This is my tag clock I got from Mom & Dad this year...It's about 3' across.

clocks 005
A very classy musical clock - plays 18 different tunes on the hour (6 of them Christmas).  This is the clock I got from Mom & Dad last year.  It's got crystals on the pendulum that sparkle and glitter when the sun hits it as it swings.

clocks 006
A vintage looking "compass" clock....

clocks 007

I love metal clocks - LOVE the copper in this one....

clocks 008
and the patina on this metal clock is awesome don't ya think?  It's about 3 1/2' across.  It's the one Mom and Dad got me 3 years ago.

clocks 009
I still need a few smaller sized clocks to fill in a few spaces but I love how it looks so far. 
My family thinks I'm nuts but I don't care, I love em! 
I should note that the clocks with second hands make a nice ticking sound. 
I like it ~ I find it very relaxing but Dh isn't so sure about it.
He hasn't complained though which is a good sign ;)
So, this is how I rang in the new year....


  1. I love the clocks (and the sound!!) on your wall! The last house we had in Montana (8 years ago) also had a long wall with no windows. It is a challenge! I found various types/sizes of frames and put pics of my family, old & new, into them. It was really amazing when I was done! It took me about 9 years to collect everything. Whenever someone came over they stood there perusing "my wall". It always led to stories which I loved to tell!

    Keep your eyes out there! You will find what you're looking for!!
    Happiest of New Year's to you!

  2. love your clocks. My favorites are the copper one and the patina copper one!

  3. I think this is so cool! Love the clocks :)

  4. Love the clocks! I grew up in a house with over 100 clocks on the walls throughout. They all ticked, they all chimed - some every 15 minutes. To this day I need the sound of at least one ticking clock to sleep and I learned to never try and make a prank call from my home phone ( before caller ID - the background ticking always gave me away). ;0)

  5. That looks great Roni. Very novel idea and something you will be able to add to.


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