Thursday, January 31, 2013

Club Stamp Equestrian Card Kit & Cowboy Boot Card Template

Today I wanted to share the rest of the cards I made using Club Scraps - Club Stamp Equestrian Card Kit.....

Club Scrap - November 2012 010

Club Scrap - November 2012 005

Club Scrap - November 2012 009

And here is my cowboy boot card!
I am so tickled with how it came out.

Club Scrap - November 2012 003

Here is a jpeg template you can save to your computer and resize....

Boot Card Template 001

or you can go grab the PDF file - Ink Stains Boot Card Template.

It's very simple to create...

*The boot card is traced and cut from a folded sheet of cardstock (back of boot is the fold line).  

*Then cut one instep in a coordinating color.
NOTE: I like to make the boot a lighter color and the instep darker.

*Finally I cut the sole from black cardstock.

*Stamp each piece as desired.  I think the stamps from the Equestrian kit really add authentic details to this boot card.

*Cut a 1/2" strip of cardstock for the pull strap which is attached to the center top of the boot. 

* Add sentiment if desired.

And you're all set! 
I have a couple other cards I've made using this template that I will share this weekend...and it's not just for the guys!


  1. Thanks for the template, I will enjoy working with it and look forward to seeing your cards, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. The boot looks great! hank you for th etemplate!


  3. Thanks for the template. Where have I been!! I missed loads of great stuff. Love that sentiment life is short, time is fast..... So true

  4. Love this card and your coloring job! I have a friend who also LOVES owls. I went to the Unity site to purchase the stamp but I couldn't find it :( Is it new, not yet released? Is it maybe older and discontinued? Any advice you can offer is appreciated. TIA, Jean
    P.S. I'm loving your technique calender pages!


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