Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Club Scrap - Club Stamp Equestrian Kit

Well, if you've been hanging around for the last few months you know how busy it's been....from Halloween, right into holiday cards, gifts, ornaments and other ideas.  Then the new year hit and we've been working on the technique calendar.   SO I haven't had any extra time to post the awesome Club Scrap - Club Stamp kits I've been working with. 

Today I am going to remedy that by posting several cards I made using the November - Equestrian Kit!  Here is a peek at what the kit consisted of....the left hand side is what everyone got plus one of the smaller kits on the right.  I was lucky enough to receive the Stamper's Project (more on that on Friday). 

Well, the kit in my opinion is just beautiful!  It's got a western feel without being overly "cowboy".  Don't get me wrong...nothing wrong with the cowboys in our lives but this kit is versatile enough that it doesn't just have to be for the guys.

Here is the first installment of cards I made with this kit....

Club Scrap - November 2012 001

(inside of above card)

Club Scrap - November 2012 002
Club Scrap - November 2012 004
Club Scrap - November 2012 006
Club Scrap - November 2012 007
Club Scrap - November 2012 008
Tomorrow I will share a few more cards plus I will also be sharing a pattern for a "boot" card I made using this kit as well. 
Friday I will be sharing my twist on the Stamper's Project.  It's not the western handbag/journal that they created but it's another project with a western vibe that some of you might be familiar with.  Let's just say these gems can now be found at antique stores and flea markets but were once very popular everywhere!  Curious???  You'll just have to wait and see!
Hope to see you then!


  1. Well, you did it! Your work is gorgeous, and the stamps are gorgeous. In fact that whole Club Scrap/Stamp site is gorgeous. I've been exploring it for two days now, and just spent a boatload. I bought stamps and more stamps, but I know that eventually I'll want to commit to the club because you can learn so much from the way things are put together there. And truly she is an exceptional artist and colorist!

  2. Great cards. Love those stamps. I went to the Club Scrap site as well. Too much good stuff!!


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