Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mom's ATC Swap - Join in the Fun!!

About a month ago Mom fell at work and broke a bone in her foot.  They put her in a boot and told her to come back in a month.  Well, that month was up a week ago, she went back to the dr and....they told her that her bone isn't healing and she'll need to have surgery. She has to stay completely off her foot for at LEAST 2 weeks. 

Needless to say she is very upset...almost to the point of tears because she's not one to sit around and do nothing nor does she like to have others do things for her that she "thinks" she can do herself.  It's all we could do to make her stay home from work for a couple days after the initial break!

She was trying to come up with things she could do during her "off the foot" prison sentence.  She loves to make ATC's so I thought it would fun to host an ATC swap and give her something to do during her down time.  We decided upon 2 themes..."General" which can be anything under the sun and Halloween (fun fun!)

If you would like to join Mom and I in creating and swapping some fun ATC cards we'd be glad to have you!  When you sign up, please be sure to leave your e-mail addy so I can contact you with the mailing address.

Mom's ATC Swap
Due Date 10-8-11
NOTE: This is a quick and easy's due in one month - 4 weeks! 

Game Plan -

*Create up to 20* ATC's using any technique you would like (no more than 5 of the same design).  We will be having 2 groups - General and Halloween!  Please be sure to sign and date your ATC's :)

*NOTE: You don't have to make 20, you can make 1, 3, 10, or any number that inspires you.  Also, you can create up to 20 for EACH group if you so desire. I do ask that you make no more than 5 of a single design.  It makes it very difficult to swap out if I have too many of one design to swap. 

*Send them to me by the due date and I'll swap them out and you'll get back 20 different ATC's. 
NOTE: Be sure and make/keep an extra of your ATC's for yourself if you want won't be getting your own back.

*Mailing - Send a self addressed envelope + $2.00 shipping (money, Pay-Pal or stamps please) 

See, I told you it was quick and easy!
Orange = Recd!
General Group: 
  1. Mom
  2. Roni
  3. Debbie V
  4. Sue B
  5. Creatology (Sherry)
  6. Trish D
  7. TXMess (Loretta)
  8. Caroline D
  9. Theresa P
  10. Ink-Pattie
  11. Cbshai
  12. Kristy Tyra
  13. Paula
  14. Pam J
  15. Carolyn
  16. Mary P
  17. Merrylion
  18. Helen
  19. Kee
  20. Scarlett (sent)
  21. Hollie
  22. Judy
  23. Mrs E.
  24. Deb L.
  25. Patsy B
  26. Joyce
  27. Marge S.
  28. Sharon F
  29. Katslzr
  30. Sharon W.
  1. Mom
  2. Roni
  3. Debbie V
  4. Sue B.
  5. TXMess (Loretta)
  6. Caroline D
  7. Theresa P
  8. Cher
  9. Ink-Pattie
  10. Paula
  11. Pam J
  12. Carolyn.
  13. Mary P
  14. Merrylion
  15. Sherry
  16. Helen
  17. Kee
  18. Scarlett (sent)
  19. Hollie
  20. Judy
  21. Mrs. E
  22. Joyce
  23. Marge S.
  24. Aisling
  25. Sharon F
  26. Katslzr
  27. Kristy T
  28. Deanna C.


  1. Hi,thanks for hosting. Sorry about your moms foot. I hope she heals quickly. I would like to be in the General and the Halloween ATC Swap. My style is Tim Holtz grunge and very inky. I look forward to swapping.

    My email address is:

    Sue B.

  2. Hi Roni and Mom. This is a great way to stay busy and "share the wealth". I am not certain how or when but I will participate in your swap! much to do and so little time...well that has never stopped a true crafter now has it? Oh My...

  3. Ooh, sounds fun! I'm a firm believer in creative outlets as healing therapy ;) I'd like to do 2 groups (10 total) for the general swap. email is tah_dah (at)

  4. So sorry to hear about your Mom's injury. I hope the ATC swap will help to take her mind off being stuck in the house and off her feet. I've never created an ATC before, but I'd love to participate in both the General and Halloween categories. My email address is Thanks!

  5. Cool beans! I'll participate in both the General and Halloween groups. :)

    Hope Mom feels better soon!

  6. Would love to have some fun with ATC's. Sign me up for both groups. My email is

  7. sign me up for General! I just noticed I have a huge stash of unswapped ATCs from months where I made more than needed, so I will contribute those. I'll let you know separately if I have enough to do the Halloween swap!
    Ink-Pattie Fulton
    the_fultons@earthlink.n et

  8. Roni, so sorry to hear about your mom's foot. I broke my first bone ever last year and it was my ankle. I suffered with depression during the whole ordeal.

    I am interested in the swap (both groups) but I am not totally clear about the requirements. Do I create up to 20 or 20? And if I choose both groups do I do 10 of each, 20 of each or up to 20 of each?

    Sorry for being such a pain, but I want to be sure I am doing it correctly.

  9. okay, I will do Halloween as well! I found an extra 4 each of two designs, so I think I can come up with three more designs before the deadline. Can't wait!

    Do we need to tell you how many sets of 5 we are doing? I plan to do 20 for each swap theme...

  10. Hi Roni...great plan! I am out of town next week to Mayo but will get started asap! I would like to do Halloween and will shoot for 20. You have my addy. ty ! If I can manage might try to do some general too, but dont want to get ahead of myself. I can't find how to actually sign up, so please just add me to the list...ty ! and umm..hug yer mama for me..will send some special prayers up for her NOW! xo cher

  11. I would like to play in the general group please :)

  12. Oh yeah! Count me in! I'm sorry about your Mother's injury-I can sympathize. I just went back to work this week after an injury and have what seems like millions of restrictions. But this will provide a great distraction! Wait til I tell my Mom!

  13. OOps! Kristy Tyra e-mail address

  14. count me in for both groups please! This looks fun!!!
    email addy is

    Thanks! Paula

  15. I would like to be in both groups. My email:

  16. Hi, I would like join the ATC swap also. Is it 10 for each one or 20 for each one? This will be my 1st ATC Swap.

  17. Hi Roni,would love to join your mum's atc swap.I will send 10 General and 10 Halloween.Will post the end of this week.
    Thanks Helen
    My email addy is

  18. Sounds like a great time! I would love to join both of them. Look forward to playing ATC style with everyone. Hugs to your poor mom. I hope that her foot starts to heal. ~Kee

  19. I'd like to play along with both groups please.

  20. Hi Roni, I hope your mom feels better! I would like to sign up for both swaps please! Can't wait. I used to do ATC swaps all of the time and have missed it. I am Kee's daughter by the way. :-) Thought I would join my mom in the fun.

    email addy

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  22. I'd like to play along, with both groups! I'd make 10 for each group.
    Am wondering how dimensional you want to go on these - flat or up to XX thick?
    Thanks for hosting and I'm sure this will give Mom plenty to do!
    email addy:


  23. OK took me a bit to figure out where to post a comment! PLEASE CAN I PLAY??? I live in Canada, but am willing to send extra for shipping! If so, I would love to sign up for both groups. How many do I need for each?? Just let me know. My email is


  24. Sounds like fun. I'd like to play in the General Group. My email address is

  25. I have never made an ATC before, but I would like to join this Swap and give it a try! I don't observe Halloween, so I will participate in the General category. So my mission is to create 20 ATC's and send to you, but not 20 of the same design? Like: I can make four designs, five cards each - just so I send 20 cards?
    My email is
    Thanks and have an awesome day!

  26. Yes, I'm interested. Please count me in. Hmmm. What shall I do? I think I'll do ten of each - ten general and ten Halloween. What if I decide to do more? Is that okay? I want to see how it goes before I commit to a definite number, but if you want that, please just let me know. Thanks!

  27. I'd love to enter 5 ATCs to the Halloween swap! artyventure[at] Hope your mum's foot will heal quickly!

  28. Man, so sorry for your mom's dilemma! That must be a real letdown to be in that situation! I'd love to participate in your swap too.. both groups! My email is starzsharon (at) yahoo (dot) com Looking forward to it!

  29. Hello! I was looking through the list of people participating in the ATC swap. I saw my name in the "general" theme list, but not the "Halloween" list. Please put my name on that list as well. I don't generally do much for Halloween (except the all important candy) and thought it would be difficult to come up with 10 cards. Nope! I had such fun with the Halloween theme.! Thanks for helping me craft "outside" my usual parameters. I also still need your snail mail addy.

  30. sorry about your mom's foot. Is it to late to join the ATC Swap? Here is my email.

  31. Roni... I see that you have not received my ATC's yet!! OH My Goodness!!! I'd be very happy to make them again and send them!! can you please email me again?


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