Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September!!

Zodiac Signs: Libra/ Sept. 23 - Oct. 23
Birthstone: Sapphire
Monthly Observances:
American Heritage Month
American Newspaper Month
Baby Safety Month
California Wine Month
Children's Good Manner Month
Classical Music Month
Ethnic Food Month
Fall Hat Month
Grandparents Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
Marriage Health Month
Modern Rock Month
National Apple Month
National Beach Cleanup Month
National Chicken Month
National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
National Coupon Month
National Courtesy Month
National Honey Month
National Ice Cream Sandwich Month
National Mushroom Month
National Piano Month
National Potato Month
National Sewing Month
Pink Flamingo Month
Read a new book month
Save the Tiger Month
Self Improvement Month
Women of Achievement Month


September 1
American Chess Day
Mary Had A Little Lamb Day (1830)
National Cherry Popover Day
September 2
National Blueberry Popsicle Day
Pierce-Your-Ears Day
V-J Day
September 3
National Hummingbird Day
Skyscraper Day
U.S. Bowling League Day (1921)
September 4
Eat an Extra Dessert Day
Father’s Day (Aust. & New Zealand)
Kodak's Birthday
Newspaper Carrier Day
Peter Rabbit's Day (1893)
September 5
Be Late For Something Day
Jesse James's Birthday (1847)
Labor Day (US)
Marvel Superheroes Birthday
September 6
Barbie Doll Day (1959)
Iguana Awareness Day
National Coffee Ice Cream Day
Pink Panther's Birthday
September 7
First US Auto Race
Google Commemoration Day
Grandma Moses Day
Raggedy Ann's Birthday (1915)
September 8
Fight Procrastination Day - Do It Today Day
International Literacy Day
National Date Nut Bread Day
September 9
Bob's B-day!
Chrysanthemum Day (Japan)
Colonel Sanders B-Day (KFC)
National Hot Dog Day (1884)
Teddy Bear Day
Wonderful Weirdo’s Day
September 10
Aunt’s Day
Farmers Consumer Awareness Day
Sew Be It Day
September 11
National Grandparents Day
Patriot Day
Remember Freedom Day
9/11 Observances and Remembrances
September 12
International Chocolate Day
National Boss / Employee Exchange Day
National Chocolate Shake Day
September 13
National Peanut Day
Positive Thinking Day
Scooby Doo Debuted
September 14
National Anthem Day
National Cream Filled Donut Day
National Pet Memorial Day
September 15 Day
International Sing-out Day
National POW/MIA Recognition Day
National Thank-You Day
September 16
International Eat an Apple Day
Pledge Across America Day

September 17
Citizenship Day
Mom's B-day
Women's Friendship Day
September 18
National Respect Day
Wife Appreciation Day
September 19
National Butterscotch Pudding Day
September 20
Happy Friends Day
National Farm Safety Day
September 21
Dad's B-day
Miniature Golf Day
World Gratitude Day
September 22
Dear Diary Day
Elephant Appreciation Day
Hobbit Day

Ice Cream Cone Debuted (1903)
National White Chocolate Day
September 23
Checkers Day
Hug a Vet Day
Love Note Day
National Chocolate Day
September 24
National Bluebird of Happiness Day
National Cherries Jubilee Day
National Hunting & Fishing Day
September 25
National Comic Book Day
National Museum Day
September 26
Johnny Appleseed's Birthday (1774)
National Pancake Day
World Maritime Day
 September 27
Ancestor Appreciation Day
National Chocolate Milk Day
National Women's Health and Fitness Day
World Tourism Day
September 28
Marshmallow Twisters Day
National Strawberry Cream Pie Day
Read a Child a Book You Like Day
September 29
National Mocha Day
September 30
Chewing Gum Day
National Mulled Cider Day
Pumpkin Day
To help celebrate September I am going to give away a set of blank ATC's and a nifty little ATC holder for you to alter!

To be entered into the drawing simply tell me what holiday or observance tickles your fancy this month!  

There are several b-day's in our family during the month of September but I'd have to say my fav. is my youngest ds's b-day - 9-9-92! 
 Happy B-Day Bob!! 
 (he'd kill me if he read this!)

So, what's yours???

You have until 9-15-11 to enter to win!
Good Luck Friends


  1. LOL! Sept 5th - Be Late For Something Day! Gotta love this one (I am late for everything these days. I may even be late for my own funeral, lol)

  2. sept 28 strawberry cream pie day sounds great to my pregnant appetite:)

  3. ooo yes sept. 4th. eat an extra dessert day!! ya

  4. I always think of September 25 as a special day, my mom's birthday. Even though she's been gone more than 20 years, I still spend the day thinking of her.

  5. I like Be Late for Something Day. Wonder why it is only celebrated one day a year?!?!?!?

  6. September 30 th ~ Pumpkin day! That means halloween is just around the corner!

  7. Well it would have to be Eat an Extra Dessert Day! Who can argue with that!!!

  8. sept 1--Mary Had a Little Lamb day---how cute
    and of course your mother and bob's birthday and mine too LOL

  9. Hi Roni -

    Thank you for the monthly list. I always look forward to it. My favorite September holiday is not listed. It is my Grandmother's birthday, September 3. And this Saturday she will be celebrating her 104th birthday! Can you imagine all the things she has seen and experienced in her life? She is now in a nursing home and just in the last 2 months is starting to spend more time in the past. I try to visit with her every weekend if I can. You can believe I will be there on Saturday with cake and a gift for her!

    Elaine Allen

  10. Ok, so I have to say Barbie Day. love my Lucy Ricardo Barbie collection.

  11. I like Friday Sept. 2 because we are taking it as a vacation day and with Monday Sept. 5th being Labour Day, it will be a very nice extra long, mini vacation weekend! We have VIP tickets to the Junior World Beach Volleyball Championships. They trucked in a truckload of sand from outlying beaches to the Halifax waterfront. Supposed to be perfect weather! Must look for my hat...

  12. Anything that celebrates desserts (any kind of sweet goodies is fine with me) those are ALL my faves!!!! Starting with Sept. 4th
    Eat an Extra Dessert Day thru all of the Natl. Choc. days and Pie days and...well, you see where I'm headed!!

    Happy September to you all!!

  13. September already?! I'm liking the sounds of 9/5's be late for something day! I'm one of "those" people who must be early for everything. LOL!

  14. September 9th it is my wedding anniversary.

  15. So many wonderful observances to choose; do I have to pick just one? I guess if I had to it would be National Chocolate Day on September 23rd! Yummy!

    I really love your monthly lists of holidays and observances. In fact, you inspired my new years resolution this year. My resolution is to find something to celebrate everyday, even if it's something small. It helps me to have a heart filled with gratitude and to focus on the positive. Your list gives me plenty of ideas. Thank you so very much for the inspiration!

  16. Mine would have to be the 29th. It is my birthday plus it is VFW day & I just put my application in to become a social member of a post earlier this week.

  17. Hi Roni: Please do not enter me. I just wanted to give you a hug as I have been thinking of you! Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

  18. Ethnic Food Month!

    Our church puts on a Greek Food Festival this month every year, so I do believe this one was ordained!

    Happy September Birthday to your relatives!


  19. I like good old Labor Day. It use to be the last day I had off until Christmas when I was in the USAF.

  20. oooooooooh a lot of good food days, Eat an Extra Dessert Day, National Coffee Ice Cream Day, National Date Nut Bread Day definatly sounds good to me :o) And just for fun Wonderful Weirdo’s Day gooooo weirdo's WOOT

  21. I love these monthly lists you do Roni!! Creamed filled donut day has to be a good day...LOL... donuts make any one smile! And National Chocolate Day is something to look forward to later in the month. :)

  22. National Mocha Day on the 29th.... I think I should do that one! Love mochas!
    And the 5th is Be Late For Something Day... that one must be on account of my sister. No, he thinks every day should be that!

  23. I like National Cream Filled Donut day.. lol sounds fun :) Love your blog!

  24. I'd like to add to:
    September 21Dad's B-day
    Miniature Golf Day
    World Gratitude Day
    My anniversary
    thanks, stamping sue

  25. I think I'll have to go with 9/12 International Chocolate Day. I have begun celebrating early.

  26. September 22 - I never knew there was a Hobbit Day!!! My LOTR fan husband will be thrilled.

  27. sept 22--which is national white chocolate day!

  28. September 28 National Marshmallow Twisters cracked me up for some reason...I have no idea what they even are and why they have their own day....


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!