Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Art Journal - #3 Black Magic Technique

This weeks technique as you see by the title is the "Black Magic" technique.  Now most people tell you that you have to use white ink paired with colored pencils.  WELL, I decided to see what worked and what didn't work to help open this technique up to everyone.

Black Magic Technique


White Ink or White Acrylic Paint
Color Medium (any of the following) - Colored Pencils; Distress Inks; Markers; Watercolor Crayons; Watercolor Pencils; Copics; Alcohol Inks
Bold Image Stamps
Black Cardstock
(optional) White Pigment Pen or White Gel Pen
1. Apply white (or a light colored) ink or acrylic paint to your bold image stamp. 
NOTE: Most of the time the instructions for this technique requires white ink but I tried this using white acrylic paint and other light colored pigment inks and they all worked well.  I actually found that I liked the image I stamped with white acrylic paint the best!
2. Stamp the image on black or dark colored cardstock and let dry.  I like to speed drying with my heat tool.
3. Traditionally the next step is to color your image with colored pencils to really make the image pop off the black background.  To change things up a bit and help you to use what is in your stash I tried a variety of color mediums.  All worked quite well on most of the backgrounds.  Those mediums that worked the best are: colored pencils (of course) or watercolor pencils; regular markers; Copic (or other alcohol ink type) Markers; water color crayons; Alcohol Inks (applied with Fillable Pen or other means); Distress Inks.

The following color combos are the same for each of the 3 images:
(the flower image is by Just For Fun Rubber Stamps)

Yellow - Watercolor Pencil
Blue - Colored Pencil
Light Pink - Watercolor Crayon
Light Green - Pastels
Dark Green - Alcohol Marker
Magenta (tiny flower buds) - Regular Marker
Purple - Distress Inks

Image stamped w/ Adirondack Snow Cap (White) Pigment Ink

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic 005

Image stamped with Beige Brilliance Pigment Ink

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic 006

Image stamped with White Acrylic Paint
(My Favorite)

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic 003

And here the 3 examples in a side by side comparison.
Beige Brilliance Ink, White Pigment Ink; White Acrylic Paint
Which do you like best?

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic Technique 004

So there you go...
the "Black Magic" technique.
I think these variations offer a wide enough scope of materials that anyone can complete this technique without having to run out and buy a thing...I hope so at least!

and for the rest of the page.....

Since this is a journal we're also going to make 2 lists (one for each page) ~   The first list should be things you are good at - it could be baking, gardening, crafting, etc.  and for the second list you are going list things you'd like to learn how to do.

It doesn't matter how long either list is but really think about this.  Remember, our art journal is about Discovery....letting others discover things about you and you may just discover things about yourself along the way.

Now how do we combine the Technique with the Lists?  You can combine them however you like.  I think to simplify things I am going to position my list in the center of each page then work the Black Magic images around each list.  Totally up to you on how you incorporate them in your journal though. 

I will share my pages as soon as they are finished...
are you playing along?
are you keeping up?
am I going too fast?
are you having fun?

I am counting on you to let me know how you are doing and if you're enjoying the techniques/challenges for each set of pages.


  1. Roni -

    I love this look! How dramatic, really catches the eye. My favorites are the white pigment ink and the acrylic paint.

    Elaine Allen

  2. I *am* playing along! Some time during the week, I take a first stab at the technique, then try to refine it and find more stuff by Sunday night. Then Mondays I get together at lunchtime with a couple of work friends, and we try to do the technique in our lunch hour. I show them what I've learned so far, what I want to try next, and all the materials I brought along to play with. Then they experiment along with me. Great fun!

  3. Hi Roni: I am definitely playing along. Tomorrow I will try to post my faux beeswax pages. I like how they turned out but not my best work. I will be trying Black Magic later this week. I am looking forward to trying the different mediums I do own. Your pace and complete instructions are wonderful. I am so grateful for your teaching and sharing so generously. Thank you very much...

  4. Hi! Thank You for the amazing technique!!! I will be trying !!!

  5. I've not been able to play along much, but I really enjoy watching the progress of each project you share with us.

  6. Found your book at Michael's and I'm definitely going to be doing this. Your timing is great, mine is getting away on me. Good job you are doing.

  7. This one is a ton of fun!! I can't wait to do this!!

    I'm making my journal but not as quickly as I'd like. Of course, if I had my way, playing with ink/paper/glue, etc. would be all I'd do!! However, life keeps getting in it's jabs! I finished my first page and working on the faux beeswax now. I seem to be one back but it's ok. I know how to retrive them as I can get to them!! Thanks again...I'm having so much fun!!

  8. Fabulous techniques!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!