Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Technique - Pt II

Now when I left you yesterday I shared how to begin Part I of your Faux Beeswax Technique.  Layering pieces of tissue paper over the various images and items you wanted to incorporate into your collage.

It takes a while but it's worth it!  Here is the left hand side of my page set after I finished applying most of my goodies.    You'll notice how wet it is around some of the pieces.  You will need to set your pages aside and let them dry overnight.
Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 001

Now, here is what they might look like....  You'll notice around the edges are bits of tissue hanging over here and there.  It's time to remove them.  You can either trim them with scissors or carefully tear the excess away.
Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 002

I chose to tear away the extra bits because I was going for the rough look.

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 003

Now you have a couple choices to make here.  You may choose to apply the acrylic paint white &/or your favorite color with a soft cloth.  Simply wipe it on and wipe it off...  This will highlight all of the brush strokes, cracks and crevices.  It creates a much bolder finished collage.  Totally up to you.

For my collage I skipped this step and went right to the next. 

To finish off the collage and to add a bit more authenticity add a layer of Perfect Pearls (in your color of choice) or Metallic Rub Ons.  I am using Heirloom Gold - it gives you the warm feel of a true beeswax collage.

Simply dust it on over the entire collage.  After I'm finished I like to rub the Perfect Pearls into the glue with my hand.  This does a couple things ~ the oils in your skin "sets" the PP's and it also ensures that you have a good coating.

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 004

And now the collage is complete!! 
I think it looks very similar to a real beeswax collage but without the heat pot or bees ;)
Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 005

A few more views....
Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 006

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 007

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 008

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 009

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 010

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 011

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 012

Art Journal #2 - Faux Beeswax Collage 013

And here is an experimental collage I made to test out various items - images (ink jet & pre-printed); paper types; stickers; gemstones (the pink thing); pattern paper; etc.    This is before any finishes were added.
Faux Beeswax Technique 003

And here it is with Perfect Pearls (Left) and Metallic Rub-Ons (Right).

Faux Beeswax Technique 004

Tilted so you can see more of the color, less of the shine.

Faux Beeswax Technique 005

Now it's your turn to give this a try!

I hope you have fun with it...I found it to be very relaxing applying the various layers and so much fun to find different goodies to add to the collage.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!


  1. oh my gosh...this is a GREAT page...all the goodies being used, I can't wait to get started!! thanks

  2. Wow, you could just stare at that forever....love it!

  3. The page has turned out great!! As for your comment which some people were offended by.....why? I see nothing wrong with what you said. I don't see what the big deal is. It's your blog. Say whatever you want and if some people don't like it, maybe they should just suck it up, or stop reading your blog. This is all just silly to me - in my opinion.

  4. Thank You!!!!
    This is fantastic!!!

  5. Your beeswax pages turned out great! Looks like a fun and interesting project... love all the bits and pcs you stuck on yours.

  6. I agree with Dee,it is mesmerising!,you would always fine something new!.rosiex

  7. These look fantastic. I am going to make mine and see what happens. Day three and I am still working on my pages. It is lots of layering and gluing and time but so far looking pretty interesting. I love your techniques Roni.

  8. is there a journal prompt for this page? It might be kind of hard to write on top of the perfect pearls, but I used some little die cut letters under the tissue paper to spell out "life is a verb" on one page I tried. I need to buy that book, I think! This is a fun technique.


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