Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Art Journal #1 - My Pages

I hope you had fun messing with our first technique in the art journal!  I know I sure did...my fingers are inky, my desk is a mess and I'm lovin' it!

Here are my pages....

I used several word stamps that I had in my stash ~ mostly Fancy Pants and I used my favorite swirl/flourish ~ also Fancy Pants ~ to create my faux rubbings from.  I then added a couple stamped words and lots of hand written journaling.  After I added my journaling and all you really couldn't see the rubbings.

If I would have thought I should have written around them instead of right over the top of them.  DUH!  Oh well...I always tell my mom there is no right or wrong in art as long as you're having fun.  I gotta remember that!

(the black splats aren't really there...just photo shopping my addy out)
art journal #1

Hopefully if you haven't been able to work on your first pages you will soon :)
It's so refreshing to make something just for the fun of it.


  1. AAACK! Was having problems with my internet last night and missed the first part! Yikes.....off to go find it!

  2. Roni I really like your first pages. The blues are my true favorite colors and the pink butterflies are just special. I began my page but have only laid out some stuff. It is a start and now to have fun and actually create the art of it all. Happy journaling...

  3. Roni -

    This is beautiful! I really love how it turned out. Wonderful colors and textures.

    Elaine Allen

  4. This is beautiful Roni!!! I thought the ink splats were intentional ... like your "handle" of ink stains... and thought they looked good... until I read it was splatting out your addy. lol The color on your pages is wonderful. I think I'll do mine loose leaf too... too much on my plate so this week, but hopefully this weekend I can catch up! Thanks for sharing your journal adventure with us. :o)

  5. I had some trouble with the embossing powder part; I think I was using a) stamps that were too detailed, or b) detail powder, that didn't raise up enough. But I was not to be deterred; I found a nice votive candle, and rubbed manila folder paper directly over a rubber stamp with a nice harlequin pattern, and that worked just fine! I also tried using some Ten Second Studios metal molds under the paper, instead of stamps, but if the design is too "pokey" (i.e., thin lines) it doesn't work as well. The Distress Stains worked great for this technique. I even journaled on a page, and I'll be taking stuff to work for our Monday lunchtime crafters group to try out what I've done. SHould be fun, and I can't wait for the next technique!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!