Monday, August 1, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

O.k...still trying to catch up on everything ~ I have several winners I need to announce!

I guess one good thing with my delay is more people had a chance to enter these drawings :)

Here are the winners for several different drawings.....

Happy July

The Winner IS -

Beckie Holso!

Beckie Holsosaid...

LOL - where do they come up with some of these things? And what the heck is "Flitch" Day? I'm a little freaked out to realize that yesterday was the halfway point for the year which means that Christmas will be right around the corner... and I can safely say that today was more than "Hot Enough For YA" despite the fact THAT day is still 3 weeks away (sigh)! I pick Cotton Candy Day as my favorite... just hope I don't have to wait until then to enjoy some sticky sweetness =)

These are so cool. What a great idea.

If i had a shadowbox,i would like to do a miniature theme,as i have quite a few nice little things such as 'Working' miniature scissors and a coke bottle and metal monopoly boot, and car etc,this way we could enjoy them, and they wouldn't get lost.
By the way yours is fabulous! rosie.x

I love the bright colors of the monarch, and the blue morpho is simply stunning.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!