Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Key Charms

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite pieces of the past....

Vintage Keys!

Now I have a real passion for all sorts of vintage items but one thing I'm always on the look out for is vintage keys...I don't care if they are old car keys, house keys, from padlocks, clocks, skates; cabinets or even skeleton keys.... I LOVE KEYS! 

Yes I know, they can be grungy, rusty and dirty but if you look past that you will see that they are all different.  From the beautiful old company graphics, the intricate cut sides, the patina of age, keys are just amazing.  I recently bought these keys at a garage sale...they were piled in an old peanut tin, which had clearly been out in the rain a time or two (from all the rust).  There were about 65-70 keys in the tin for $5.00.  Not bad when you figure out it's only about $ 0.07 cents a piece!

key charms 001

Maybe I'm weird but I love to use them not only in art but I like to use them for charms.    I almost never see keys being used as charms but take a look at them after just a bit of cleaning up.  I used a bit of sandpaper to take off some of the rust and washed away the grease and grim to reveal some real beauties!  LOVE the lion from the old Master Lock logo; the bright and shiny brass from GB 99 would make a great addition to any charm necklace, bracelet or even all on it's own.  Check out the great shape of not only the cut part of the key but the interesting shapes of the heads...  each special in it's own way.

key charms 002

Skeleton Keys are of course always in high demand because of their curious name and shapes.  Each key has it's own unique characteristics yet bring to mind a time long past.    I always try to imagine what lives these keys have led...what secrets they held or even what treasure they kept secure. 

key charms 004

So you see when you're trying to tell a story with in your mixed media/altered art jewelry what bit of history could be more perfect than a key?

Here is a pin I assembled from a few of the charms I've been sharing over the last couple weeks....  I think the key fits right in don't you?

key charms 005

Be sure to check in tomorrow. 
It is the final Wednesday of July which means it's time to share my last project for the
Gingersnap Creations - Machine/Steampunk Challenge. 
I can't wait to share it with you.  I am very proud of how it turned out!

I have another type of charm to share with you on Thursday....
it's made from.....
well, let's just say one persons garbage is an other's charm ;)
You'll have to stop by to see just exactly what I'm talking about!

See you then!


  1. Gorgeous charms! Can not wait to see what else you have been working one! TFS

  2. I have to say that I always look forward to your posts. You have a real talent and are such an inspiration. Some of the things you use and come up with I would have never thought to use. I hope you are having a wonderful week.


  3. This collection of charms is Brillant!

  4. Awesome pin Roni! I love keys too! I need to use them rather than hoard them! :D

  5. Love your collection of charms and this great collection- your key fits right in!

  6. I'm a key lover, too! TFS your pin.

  7. Keys are great. I never thought of them as artsy though - until now. Loved the one with the lion on it. I'll have to look around garage sales and see what I find.

  8. I love old keys too! It's like night and day when you clean them up a little. Your charm pin turned out great and the recent charms all look good together! Thanks for sharing and all the inspiration!


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