Friday, July 8, 2011

Supply Challenge - Crackle Accents!

Today I thought it might be nice to have a supply challenge!

One product I hear over and over when I ask what DON'T you use in your stash...Crackle Accents!  Most people use it to fill pendant charms but that's about it.  Well, dig out that bottle and get it ready...we're going to put it to use this week!

TIPS for using Crackle Accents...

*If you find the Crackle Accents is too thick to squeeze out of the tiny tip, cut it off or remove the tip completely!  The first thing I always do when I open a new bottle of Crackle Accents is to cut the tip off the applicator.  I usually take off about 1/4" right off the top.  That opens the hole up to a large enough size that it is MUCH easier to get the CA out of the bottle.   If I am going to be using LOTS of CA I normally just pull the applicator tip right off...squeeze out a dollop of CA then spread it around as needed.   Either way it works MUCH better than trying to squeeze the thick medium out of that micro tip.

*Reduce the Wrinkle - First, stamp your image on a large size piece of card stock then temporarily adhere it to your Non-Stick Craft Mat.  Then apply the Crackle Accents to desired are of your image.   Since the paper is stuck down to the craft mat it won't pull and wrinkle the paper as much as the CA dries.

*Thin = Tiny Cracks & Thick = Big Cracks - So many times I hear people complain that the CA doesn't crackle at all or they end up with tiny little cracks.  Remember, you need to apply a medium to thick coat to get the large cracks when it's dry.  Spreading a too thin layer will produce micro fine cracking which in some cases is great but not in others.  You've got to really layer it on if you want the biggies.

First, we're going to use it in small areas of a given image...  just to highlight one area of your image.

Ranger - Summer CHA 11 039

On this tag I only applied the Crackle Accents to the flowers.  I wanted them to really show up so I used a pretty thick layer of Crackle Accents.  After the CA had dried I applied a contrasting ink over the CA to really highlight the cracks.

Ranger - Summer CHA 11 040

The next example is an all-over effect that was not highlighted after it was dry.  I wanted more of a hint of crackle rather than an in your face crackle...

Ranger - Summer CHA 11 051
(All stamps - Just For Fun stamps)
Ranger - Summer CHA 11 052

Now it's your turn...
Pull out that bottle of Crackle Accents and give em a try!


  1. I've also used CA sparingly on actual photos in one of my scrapbooks and they came out super cool.

  2. Thanks for the tips on crackle accents. I have a bottle I purchased ages ago, thinking "this stuff looks cool" but have yet to find a project for it.

  3. You simply amaze me with every new post. I print everything. You are a great help to a gal beginning cardmaking in her late fifties. You are an inspiration.

  4. These are great tips for using CA"s.


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