Monday, July 11, 2011

Industrial Revolution @ Valparaiso, Indiana

O.k... you guys know how much I love Steampunk goodness well this weekend we were traveling through Valparaiso Indiana on SR 30 and we went buy this restaurant....

It's not pure Steampunk in the true sense of the word aesthetically it's perfect!

It is just way too cool...
LOTS of great iron work and bronze (?) statues. 

Unfortunately we didn't get to stop as it was between meal times but we'll definitely have to go back.
So if you're ever traveling close to the Chicago area you might want to take a little detour and check em out...I know we sure will!


  1. Wow, that place is just awesome, I'm a steampunk freak too, what beautiful work, I'll bet it's even better irk!! Thanks for sharing!!! Karen

  2. How cool is that place! If I am ever in the windy city I will check it out for sure.

  3. Imagine my surprise when i seen Valpariso IN on your blog title...I guess I 've never checked to see where you live!! and that your in Indiana...Valpo is where I go for shopping..the Hubs and I havent tried IR yet ..but have heard that it's good. You could have stopped by my house and met one of your followers!!!
    I think we will for sure have to go check out the place soon!

  4. OMG Roni!

    This is awesome! I love the sculptures, so lifelike! And the architecture of the place is amazing! What a great place.

    Elaine Allen


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